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Andi Eigenmann’s snack bar in Siargao uses eco-friendly packaging

Andi Eigenmann and her partner Philmar Alipayo opened their new business venture in Siargao.

Andi Eigenmann’s snack bar in Siargao uses eco-friendly packaging-Toff C.
Toff C.

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05/08/2022 10:11 AM
Andi Eigenmann’s snack bar in Siargao uses eco-friendly packaging
Photo credit: Happy Islanders YouTube Channel

Andi Eigenmann and her partner Philmar Alipayo have finally opened their snack bar and surf shop in Siargao.

In a YouTube vlog she recently posted, Andi did a tour of their new business ventures on their opening day.  

"Our snack bar is open everyday except Tuesdays from 8 am to sunset," Andi said in her latest vlog.

At her snack bar, Andi shared that they use eco-friendly materials when preparing the orders of their customers.

"The idea for our snacks is to be offered in eco-friendly packaging, to hopefully influence our customers and other shops around to avoid the use of single-use plastic for their take-away orders. Plastic pollution is a big threat to our ocean life, so whether you live in the city, or on an island, going for reusable, or 100% biodegradable options is a great way to help out," she relayed. 

Andi showed how they use banana leaves as the packaging for their panini.

"We are making our packaging, our plating for panini because I want to use the opportunity of having a snack bar to promote using only fully biodegradable containers for our take-out food and drinks," the actress said. 

Meanwhile, Andi also did a tour of Philmar's surf shop. 

The shop sells different items for surfing like board shorts, caps, and accessories, among others. The surf shop also offers surf lessons.

Andi also documented the store blessings on the first day. The stores are just adjacent to each other.

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It is the first time that Andi and Philmar ventured into entrepreneurship.

"Both our first business ventures, although separate, we're doing it together! Symbolic of how far we've come, from constant conversations about our dreams, helping each other and taking steps to achieve them. This is one of them materialized," Andi posted on her Instagram page.

She added, "Our relationship didn't go in the same order as most others', but hey there is no rule book on this, right?? Our children, whom we owe all this to, are the very reason why we made it this far. This life was and is never just always bathed in sunshine, but I am grateful things happened the way they all did because I wouldn't have it any other way. I am more than happy to be sharing this with them all."

It was in April when Andi revealed that they were going to put up a snack bar and a surf shop in Siargao.

"[Philmar's] been dreaming of putting up a surf school and a surf shop and ngayon nag partner-up na siya with Mang Carding of Kanaway Surf School so they are going to reopen Kanaway together this time and prepare the shop in time for you guys this summer. So by Holy Week, you can book your surf lessons and surf guiding," Andi shared in a vlog back in April.

"And katabi naman ang Kanaway Surf School dito sa Catangnan is going to be... Kanaway Snack Bar so you can have your pre and post snacks and palamigs there at our snack bar opening very soon," she continued.

It was in 2017 when Andi decided to move permanently to Siargao.

"I enjoy how my life turned out to be living on an island, meeting my partner now, and my family is slowly growing. I love the choices that I made but it doesn't mean that I hated my life before," she said about living in Siargao in an interview with GMA News back in 2020.