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  • Isa si Gary Valenciano sa mga bagong hurado ng season two ng ‘Idol Philippines’.

Gary Valenciano, ano ang hinahanap sa mga ‘Idol Philippines’ hopefuls?

Isa si Gary Valenciano sa mga bagong hurado ng season two ng ‘Idol Philippines’.

Gary Valenciano, ano ang hinahanap sa mga ‘Idol Philippines’ hopefuls?-Kiko Escuadro
Kiko Escuadro

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05/31/2022 06:43 PM
Gary Valenciano, ano ang hinahanap sa mga ‘Idol Philippines’ hopefuls?
Photo credits: @idolphilippines on Instagram

Para sa nalalapit na second season ng Idol Philippines, ipinakilala na ang dalawa sa mga bagong judges na sina Parokya ni Edgar lead vocalist Chito Miranda at Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano.

In an exclusive interview with Cinema News, ibinahagi ni Gary V ang kaniyang excitement sa bagong role na kaniyang gagampanan as one of the Idol Philippines judges.

“Every time I sit down on that chair, feeling ko I’m so happy [that] my name came up,” sambit ni Gary sa panayam.

Matatandaan na sa first season ng Idol Philippines ang Kapamilya host na si Vice Ganda at ang actor and music producer na si James Reid ay naging judges ng nasabing singing search na nag-iwan ng malaking impact sa programa.

Kaya naman, para kay Gary, ibang atake ng judging skills ang kaniyang i-aambag sa programa.

“Naghanap sila ng kapalit kay Vice, Chito came in for James. Alam ko when you talk about Idol Philippines, iba eh iba competition. Talent ang nakikita and how nice to sit there, and be able to give what I know through my 39 year span in the industry. It feels good to share something like this to everyone,” ani ng singer.

As a veteran in the music industry, relate aniya sila ng co-judges niya na si Regine Velasquez sa pagkilatis ng new breed of idol hopefuls.

“Idol Philippines, it is a franchise, kung sino manalo dun, malamang pinapanood sila from people around the world. We always trend. I’m always looking forward seeing how people are going to react to the wide variety of talent Season 1. It was the time Moira (Dela Torre) had her songs come out one after the other. There was one episode sabi ni Regine, ‘Alam mo may prob ako dito. May prob ako kasi boses nyo lahat Moira,’” ani Gary sa naging biruan nila ni Regine.

Pero, naniniwala aniya si Mr, Pure Energy na hindi nauubos na dekalibreng talented Filipino singers.

“Because of the pandemic, people were exposed to many different types of music while they’re at home. What I witnessed was really a wide variety. Sabi ko kay Regine, the harder time I had the better. Andami magaling talaga. I feel when you talk about Idol Philippines not just somebody who’s going to be an idol in the Philippines. There’s a possibility that particular idol will become known in other parts of the world lalo na ngayon, our stage is as big as this.”

And as a new member of the Idol Philippines judges panel, nagbigay kuwento rin si Gary sa dynamics ng kanilang pagpili sa mga future singers.

Una na dito ang Parokya ni Edgar lead vocalist na si Chito Miranda.

“Usually pag may bago sumali sa showm the first time you put a certain mix, you’re hoping things would gel. When the cameras started rolling, the cameras just (clicks) immediately… With Chito, there’s more of the producer in mind and heart. He can produce artists. Hindi siya singer na Gary or Regine, he knows what he wants. It’s so refreshing to hear him talk. Pati ako, I learned I learned from him,” paliwanag ng veteran singer.

Patuloy niya: “Si Regine, mostly the technical, alam ko gusto mo tama ang ganitong notes, di basta-basta. You have to really make sure I’m listening and tama. How nice right that Chito takes care of isang anggulo. Pati ako na-englighten while Moira is the one they can relate to. We don’t call them contestants or auditioners. We call them hopefuls, pinagdaanan ni Moira. She did not win. Because she’s a songwriter, it’s easy for people to relate. Ang dami songwriters sumali kaso we have to remind them (this is) singing contest, not a songwriting.”

Dahil hindi na rin baguhan sa talent search, nanatiling same style of judging aniya ang ibibigay ni Gary sa ‘Idol’ hopefuls.

“Then I come in sharing my experiences. I’d like people to know also I’m celebrating 39 years [in the music industry and] up to now andito pa rin ako. There must be something I did (na) tama That’s what I wanted to share with people. Strike while the iron is hot. The concern is how do you keep the iron hot enough to strike. Strike ka ng strike [lagi. It’s] nice to see them accept it even those who didn’t make it. We always try to give something maiuwi nila. If there’s a season 3, they’ll come back baka maalala natin sila,” sambit ni Gary.

Para rin kay Gary na minsan nang naging bahagi ng ilang successful Kapamilya singing search, isa lang aniya ang kaniyang madalas na concern sa kaniyang judging skills.

“In the early days of my judging, I’d get so affected I’d tell them na ‘hindi eh, you can’t make it’, and it’s difficult for me minsan. I would struggle with compromise. Narinig mo di talaga pwede pero kawawa ‘yung kwento. The other side of me naman lahat sila may pinanggalingan, pinaghugutan and how do you balance. Through the years I’ve come to realize ‘Gary, if you don’t tell them what they need to hear, they will never grow.’ Sometimes, being rejected is what adds on to making you a complete performer including rejection which I have gone through as well,” pahayag nito.