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Ian Veneracion says his new song ‘Ninuno’ is an homage to Pinoy rock

Actor and singer Ian Veneracion revealed more details about his latest composition which shows his edgy, rocker side.

Ian Veneracion says his new song ‘Ninuno’ is an homage to Pinoy rock-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/21/2022 09:36 AM
Ian Veneracion says his new song ‘Ninuno’ is an homage to Pinoy rock
Photo credits: @ ianveneracion1 on Instagram

After officially joining Ogie Alcasid’s roster of performing artists under the A Team management earlier this month, Ian Veneracion shared that he is looking forward to having more opportunities for his music career under their group.

“Dati kasi nakaka-limit before when I have an idea that I want to materialize ang daming proseso. So you have to look out not just the creative aspect but also the business side of it.

“Pero now with A Team supporting me, parang nakikita ko na yung possibilities is really exciting kasi I can concentrate on doing wherever my passion lies and kung anong maisip. Now I have the freedom to just throw out ideas and sila na bahala mag-filter kung ano ang doable at ano ang hindi, yung mga ganun.

“I released this song called ‘Ninuno’ recently with the help of A Team also. It’s available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other platforms,” he shared during his A Team presscon launch this month. 

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Having listened to Pinoy rock at an early age, Ian revealed what inspired him to release a song that is different from the usual ballads he is associated with singing.

“I don’t want to put myself in a box because ang ‘Ninuno’ parang siyang homage to Pinoy rock. Pero it does not mean that I’m not going to do anything jazzy or ballad or anything like that. So I’d like to keep all those doors of different genres open.

“Pero ‘Ninuno’, my intention here is na-mi-miss ko yung sound ng dating Juan Dela Cruz (band). Pero nung time na yun siyempre iba yung technology.

“When they recorded that, iba pa yung microphones nun, iba pa yung studio nun. So gusto ko gumawa ng parang ganun pero raw. Kaya sa simula pa lang nung song nandun yung mga feedback, actual amp, pati yung mixing inalagaan namin yun na medyo raw pero malinis kaya ganun. Pero malinis. Yun yung inspiration nung song,” he explained.

Watch the Ninuno music video here:

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The 47-year-old actor and singer said his lyrics are meant to encourage self-reflection and inspiration.

“Literally humuhugot ito, calling out to our ancestors, to send us your love. Nasaan yung dangal, nasaan ang tapang, nasaan ang respeto? Yun yung lyrics nun kasi it’s throwing questions to myself and to the audience kasi it’s also to ask myself those questions.

“Kasi we come from a bloodline of warriors so why are many people acting like victims now. Sa akin importante ang self-image kasi. You should see yourself as a hero instead of seeing yourself as a victim. You’ll have the same struggles but it’s from a different perspective.

“If you’re a hero you’ll struggle with poverty, with this and that, pero if you see them as like you’re slaying dragons, it’s meaningful. Even if you’re suffering, it’s meaningful. Pero when you see yourself as a victim, ang hirap. Kasi kahit yung araw magrereklamo ka. Kagatin ka lang ng lamok parang hirap na hirap ka na if you tell yourself you’re a victim.

“Changing your mindset from a hero to victim is a such a big difference. If you’re into politics I’m sure you can find something in the song that you can relate to. If you’re into psychology or philosophy,” he said. 

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With his passion for music currently taking the front seat, Ian admitted that “Ninuno” is just the beginning of a series of musical endeavors for him this year.

“The song is basically my need to go back to our roots. It’s like questions to myself na mula sa mga ninuno natin. I think we come from a bloodline of warriors and kumbaga, paano tayo nag-progress kung progress ba yung nangyayari. It throws a lot of questions there.

“Musically, that’s what I’m doing now. Like the Ilo-Ilo concert, it’s called the Ninuno Thank You concert. Kasi ako recently ako na-educate din sa ganda ng mga sariling atin na tugtugan. Kasi tayong mga Pilipino magaling sa music eh. Kahit magpunta tayo sa mga cruise ships, sa mga hotels sa ibang bansa, puro Pilipino yung banda.

“Pero kadalasan ang introduction natin sa music is foreign music. Kaya binabalikan ko san ba ito nagsimula yung mga ninuno natin sa musika. In that aspect I’d like to explore that din. I look forward to many live performances. Kasi ibang iba talaga, not just for the audience but for the performers. Sa Ilo-Ilo meron akong concert sa June 12,” he added.