Enrique Gil goes on vacation with family in Europe

Enrique Gil is having a fun time with his family in Europe.

Enrique Gil goes on vacation with family in Europe-Pao Apostol
Pao Apostol


05/20/2022 09:34 AM
Enrique Gil goes on vacation with family in Europe
Photo credit to @javy_gil Instagram

While Liza Soberano is enjoying her stay in LA, Enrique Gil is having fun with his family in Europe. 

As seen in photos shared by his brother Javy on Instagram, Enrique has so far visited a number of countries since they arrived there earlier this month. 

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It seems Enrique’s first European stop was Spain where his brother shared a photo taken last May 10 outside what appears to be a restaurant in the city of Madrid. 

“Good to be back,” Javi wrote in the caption of his post. 

Javy also shared a photo with Enrique and other family members taken during their second stop, Rome in Italy.

Among the places they visited were the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican City, both in Rome. 

Their third stop was Iceland where they visited several tourist spots in Reykjavík and of course, the famous Blue Lagoon. 

Javy is the older brother of Enrique Gil. 

Enrique, who is of Spanish descent, has relatives living in Spain. His girlfriend Liza got the chance to meet them back in 2018. 

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In an interview with ABS-CBN News then, Liza described Enrique’s grandma as “funny” and “animated.”