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Ina Raymundo’s son Jakob turns 18

Actress Ina Raymundo penned a heartfelt letter to mark the birthday of her only son, Jakob Poturnak, who turned 18.

Ina Raymundo’s son Jakob turns 18-Leah Bueno
Leah Bueno

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04/21/2022 12:09 PM
Ina Raymundo’s son Jakob turns 18
Photo credit to @inaraymundo95 Instagram

Jakob Poturnak, the only son of actress Ina Raymundo, celebrated his 18th birthday last Wednesday, April 20.

Ina marked the occasion with a heartwarming letter for her son which she shared on Instagram. She likewise posted a video showing photos of Jakob and their family through the years.

"Dear Jakob, As you turn 18 today, I can’t help but reminisce…
You came into this world a little early. I was getting ready for my baby shower, putting on some make up, when suddenly, my water broke. Oopsie, was all that I could say. At 37 weeks old, you weighed 6lbs & 7oz. You were tiny and looked so angelic. I loved you with all of my heart the moment I clutched you gently in my arms. It’s the best kind of love. A love that pierces through your soul," Ina began.

"You’ve been a good child. Obedient, funny, cute, adorable, super sweet, and a true mama’s boy. My favorite part of your childhood was seeing you with different styles of bed head each morning or when you would wear superhero costumes every single day. You were Batman, The Hulk, Superman, and your most favorite of all was Spider-Man. But if you were to ask mama, my fave look on you was Woody from Toy Story."

The actress went on to recall a time when Jakob's height was an issue as teachers would mistake him as a grade-schooler when he was, in fact, already in high school.

"So one day, you told us you will touch the ceiling of our house, despite your lack of height. You were probably 11 at that time. You would jump every day, multiple times a day. Jumping and jumping and more jumping anywhere we went. This went on for months until voila, you touched our ceiling," she said.

"So what was your point? That when you set your mind on something, you make it happen, and it’s because you know the meaning of hard work."

That hard work and dedication, according to Ina, also applied to his chosen sport — baseball. Currently, Jakob is a college baseball player in the United States; he was accepted as a D1 college baseball player for Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio last November.

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"You were only five when you started playing tee-ball. It’s just amazing how dad turned you into the baseball player you are today and it’s because you’ve been very diligent since day 1. You never showed an attitude, defiance nor question your father’s plans for you," said Ina.

Ending her post, the actress reminded her son to stay humble and kind, and to just keep doing what he's doing. 

"We love you and we’re always here for you, no matter what. Mom and dad are so blessed to have you, our only ‘sonshine’. Happy 18th Birthday! Woohoo," she said.

Jakob is the only son of Ina with her Canadian husband Brian Poturnak.

Aside from Jakob, the couple has four other children—Erika who is currently studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in the US, Anika, Mikaela, and Minka.