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Britney Spears announces pregnancy, expecting first child with Sam Asghari

Britney Spears is expecting her first child with Sam Asghari.

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04/12/2022 03:56 PM
Britney Spears announces pregnancy, expecting first child with Sam Asghari
Photo credit to @britneyspears Instagram

Pop star Britney Spears announced that she is pregnant with her first child with Sam Asghari.

Britney shared the news on social media on Tuesday, April 12. In the same post, she also called Sam her "husband."

"I lost so much weight to go on my Maui trip only to gain it back… I thought 'Geez … what happened to my stomach ???' My husband said 'No you’re food pregnant silly!!!' So I got a pregnancy test … and uhhhhh well… I am having a baby… 4 days later I got a little more food pregnant. It’s growing !!! If 2 are in there… I might just lose it," she said.

The singer relayed that she decided that she will not go out as much as possible now that she is pregnant to avoid the paparazzi.

"I obviously won’t be going out as much due to the paps getting their money shot of me like they unfortunately already have … it’s hard because when I was pregnant I had perinatal depression… I have to say it is absolutely horrible," she said.

According to mind.org.uk, perinatal depression happens "any time from becoming pregnant to around one year after giving birth."

"Women didn’t talk about it back then… some people considered it dangerous if a woman complained like that with a baby inside her… but now women talk about it everyday … thank Jesus we don’t have to keep that pain a reserved proper secret… This time I will be doing yoga every day !!! Spreading lots of joy and love!!!" Britney added in her post.

On the same day, Sam also penned a message on social media about fatherhood.

"Marriage and kids are a natural part of a strong relationship filled with love and respect. Fatherhood is something I have always looked forward to and I don't take lightly. It is the most important job I will ever do," he wrote.


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Britney's pregnancy came months after her conservatorship was terminated in November 2021.

The said conservatorship removed Britney's power to make decisions about her career, finances, and personal life. Her father Jamie Spears and other co-conservator made decisions for Britney under the conservatorship since 2008.

During a court hearing in June 2021 in Los Angeles, Britney said that the conservatorship prevented her from having another child.

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"I have an IUD in my body right now that won't let me have a baby and my conservators won't let me go to the doctor to take it out. I wanna be able to get married and have a baby," she said in court last year.

She added, "I deserve to have a life. I worked my whole life. I deserve to have a two- to three-year break and do what I need to do. I feel ganged up, I felt left out and I feel alone. I deserve to have the same rights as anyone does by having a child and a family. Any of those things."

Britney has two kids named Sean and Jayden with her ex-husband Kevin Federline.