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Melizza Jimenez reveals why she was replaced in ‘He’s Into Her Season 2’: ‘I didn’t want to cause any headaches’

Former ‘He’s Into Her’ actress Melizza Jimenez pours her heart out in her latest vlog about leaving showbiz.

Melizza Jimenez reveals why she was replaced in ‘He’s Into Her Season 2’: ‘I didn’t want to cause any headaches’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/29/2022 11:36 AM
Melizza Jimenez reveals why she was replaced in ‘He’s Into Her Season 2’: ‘I didn’t want to cause any headaches’
Screenshot from Melizza Jimenez Youtube Vlog

After becoming part of the Star Magic Circle in 2019, Melizza Jimenez gained some acting experience in shows like FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Maalaala Mo Kaya, and Wansapanataym, and in the Star Cinema film Barcelona: A Love Untold where she played Kathryn Bernardo’s sister. Last year, we saw her bring to life the role of Elle Luna in He’s Into Her’. But with the recent announcement of He’s Into Her’s second season’s upcoming release with BINI member Mikha Lim stepping in to take over her role, the 21-year-old artist could not help but share her feelings about it in her most recent vlog.

“Every time I get asked I get sad because I know that I won’t be in the series anymore. I won’t be in He’s Into Her Season 2. Yes, I am being recasted as Elle Luna. I played Elle for Season 1 of He’s Into Her. And for season 2 I won’t be. I know another great actor will fill my shoes and fill that character and I know you guys are going to love it and she’s going to bring another flavor to you guys to eat up and I know everyone is going to do amazing. I am so sad that I won’t be able to be with them anymore,” she said.

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Starting off her explanation from before the pandemic hit the country, Melizza narrated her original plans to study college in Australia.

“I asked someone whom I love dearly if I should study abroad and what’s going to happen to my job, what’s going to happen to my career. It came to the conclusion that it would be better for me that I start studying. The production knew about it. They knew my plans of going abroad. But when the pandemic happened and so I got to study online and I got to act as Elle Luna for season 1 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Come season 2 it was harder with the scheduling because everything was happening in the pandemic and you know how hard it is to do anything during the pandemic. So we weren’t really sure with what was happening,” she recalled.

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Although she would have initially been able to complete taping for the second season if the original lock-in schedule had pushed through, Melizza revealed the challenges the show faced before starting taping.

”The schedule for taping was supposed to be the whole month of November and then the whole month of January for the first cycle and then the second cycle. That was the first schedule. But then COVID happened. Some people tested positive and that delayed the filming for He’s Into Her. And then some people had conflicting schedules as well.

“The second schedule was in December. That didn’t happen as well because of the same reasons. So I decided to go to New York for that month and go back when things are kind of okay already. I am willing 100% to go back for He’s Into Her. Like I will do my job and do my bestest to go there. So my flight going back was January 8 and I had to do quarantine and then go to taping straight after.

“I was so happy because I was going to be in season 2 but it was looking kind of rocky even if I was in the teaser back in December. I didn’t know where it was going. During quarantine I was so ready to go and we were already talking about clothes, what we’re going to bring for the lock-in, and I was already talking about how I wanted to be roommates with Vivoree (Esclito). When I got out, it became quiet. And I was like, ‘Oh, this is weird.’ I was getting the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to be in He’s Into Her Season 2 because everything went quiet when I got out of quarantine,” she explained.

The former He’s Into Her actress made it clear in her vlog that she had no ill-feelings and was not blaming anybody about her being replaced.

“Now this is what really happened. Because of COVID again, and I fully, fully understand and I’m not blaming anyone and it’s no one’s fault. It’s just that the stars weren’t aligning. It was the fault in our stars. It needed to be rescheduled to February. We needed a ten-day quarantine in a hotel and then we’re going to go to lock-in. But, the thing is, I already had a flight booked to go to school in Brisbane on the 20th of February and that’s because I’ve been locked out of Australia for two years. And I couldn’t risk not being able to go study on campus. I couldn’t risk it so I booked a flight because I thought we would be done by then. But with the new schedule, it just couldn’t happen. I was telling them, you can overtime me. I will work as much as I can to make this happen.

“But logistically speaking, it just wasn’t going to happen. It was hard for everyone. It was hard. Two days later I found out I was going to be recasted and this was like the hardest moment of my life because I worked so hard, I was going through a lot during season 1 and I worked so hard for that. And I’m not blaming anyone. I love everyone. I love the production and the whole concept of it all. I loved everyone with all my heart. And I’m not blaming anyone. It’s just the fault in our stars,” she admitted.

Watch the vlog here:

After choosing to focus on her Double Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Communication at Queensland University of Technology on campus this year after two years of doing virtual classes, Melizza admitted her decision still made her feel sad.

“I couldn’t just give up my studies because I also worked hard on that. I worked so hard on maintaining everything and balancing everything. I had to choose education. As much as it hurts to give up that character, I thought to myself, ‘I had to study because I value studying so much.’ I know it’s going to be so hard to see such a discontinuity in the series. I feel like it’s going to be my fault with the headaches. I didn’t want to cause any headaches. I didn’t want to cause anything. I’m so sorry. I really am. I really wanted to portray that character again. I was just hoping that the schedule would align again and it would work out. But after three schedule changes because of the pandemic. And now, I’m pretty sad. I acknowledge that it’s mostly just sad on my part.

“But I guess sometimes life throws rocks at you and you just have to deal with it sometimes. I think there’s a reason why. I’m sorry for crying. I don’t want a pity party but I just want to tell my story. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to be recasted. Because there were talks about filming me just on a zoom call if ever things worked out when I was in New York. Like pretending that I was away or abroad. I thought that was going to happen. But who am I for them to change the script? I’m just me. Also logistically speaking, that was impossible to do,” she said.

Melizza also told her viewers that she did not post the vlog to cause any drama and that she just wanted to share how she is feeling at the moment. She also hoped her fans would not lose interest in her just because she left the show.

“I hope you guys weren’t expecting drama or a video saying ‘I’m mad, I feel betrayed, this isn’t happening. I don’t know why this is happening, I don’t know why they recasted me.’ I hope you guys weren’t expecting that. Because at the end of the day, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the stars were just not aligned. And somehow, sooner or later, I will understand why it had to be done. Why God had to make that happen. A lesson perhaps.

“I’m not blaming anyone. It’s no one’s fault. Please don’t go blaming anyone. And please accept your new Elle with open arms because I know she will do amazingly. I know she will. But please don’t forget me as Elle Luna in season 1. I hope you guys won’t leave me because I’m not in that show anymore,” she added.