Will James Reid return to acting soon?

James Reid talks about his plans this year.

Will James Reid return to acting soon? -Toff C.
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03/19/2022 09:45 AM
Will James Reid return to acting soon?
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The online world was sent abuzz when James Reid traveled to the US in February, with some netizens speculating that he was moving there for good to pursue an international  music career. But James clarified that he is only there until next month.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, the singer-actor shared more details on why he is currently in Los Angeles, California. 

"As soon as I landed [here], people were saying that I'd move here for good but that's really not the case. I'm only here until April and I'll be heading home again but I came out here to work on music, meet a lot of people, try and see what doors will open, make a name for myself out here, and make the Filipinos proud," he said. 


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James recently released “Hello 2.0 (Legends Only),” a track wherein he collaborated with GOT7's Jay B and Taiwanese rapper ØZI. It was a remix of his 2021 single “Hello.” 

"I'm really glad that I was able to get Jay B from GOT7 and ØZI, he’s from Taiwan, to jump on the track. I would like to thank my management here in L.A., Transparent Arts, also known as the Far East Movement, the first Asian artist to have a number one record in America. It's really great to create a track with different Asian acts supporting each other," he stated. 

James shared that he worked with Jay B and ØZI on the “Hello 2.0” track via online. 

"We were in three different countries [so] everything we did was online. [It] was really easy working with them," he said. 

"'Hello' is a really fun track and I sent the track to them and let them do their thing and when they sent back the vocals I was like, 'We have to release this,' you know, and they did an amazing job interpreting the song,” James added. 

The Kapamilya star was also asked if fans should expect to see him returning to acting soon. 


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James replied that music will be his top priority this year. 

"Definitely for this year, I am working on a lot of music. I'm very excited to release new songs. But yeah for this year, I'm focusing on music and I'm also excited to get back home. I will be signing co-artists to Careless Music, my music label and will be releasing a lot of music and that's also what I'm excited for," he said. 

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In an interview with The Juans in their podcast in 2021, James relayed why he stepped back from acting and focused on music. 

"I love acting. But sometimes after doing teleserye after teleserye, it gets repetitive and I felt like kind of robotic. I craved something that came from me, that I can really express. I was just following instructions. It wasn’t feeding my soul," he said in his interview.

James continued, "It was difficult for me to step away from all of that because I was in a very good place. But I stepped away from doing that and I chose something more difficult, which is something that I still had to grow in [such as] making music and production, writing songs."