LOOK: James Reid is FAULT Magazine’s latest cover star

James Reid landed the cover of FAULT Magazine.

LOOK: James Reid is FAULT Magazine’s latest cover star-Toff C.
Toff C.

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03/18/2022 04:47 PM
LOOK: James Reid is FAULT Magazine’s latest cover star
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"Check out our brand-new cover shoot with the unbelievably talented @james. We sat down to discuss his new music, artistic journey and as always, his FAULTs," the magazine teased on Instagram.

FAULT Magazine is a Los Angeles- and London-based magazine which collaborates "with the world's leading artists in fashion, film, and music." 

"Thank you @fault_magazine for the feature! And @raenbadua for the shots," James posted on Instagram as he extended his gratitude for the magazine feature.


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In his interview with FAULT Magazine, James got candid about the most challenging aspect of his journey as a creative. 

James confessed, "It’s the mental whiplash from doing business to music to contracts to artist management to performing etc but lately, I’ve found the time to just create freely in my time here in LA. Being out here is a milestone in my creative journey."

James is currently in the US for his recording sessions. 

He recently released "Hello 2.0 Legends Only" which features GOT7's JayB and Taiwanese rapper Øzi.


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James told FAULT Magazine that his international artist management company Transparent Arts was the one who made the said collaboration possible.

"I owe it to my management, Transparent Arts, for orchestrating the whole collaboration, remixing the song, and hooking me up with Jay B and ØZI who both did a legendary job on the new track," he stated.

James has been focused on creating music and managing his music label Careless. 

In a conversation with The Juans in their podcast in 2021, James shared why he chose to step back from acting and focus on music.

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“I love acting. But sometimes after doing teleserye after teleserye, it gets repetitive and I felt like kind of robotic. I craved something that came from me, that I can really express. I was just following instructions. It wasn’t feeding my soul," he said in his interview.

He added, "It was difficult for me to step away from all of that because I was in a very good place. But I stepped away from doing that and I chose something more difficult, which is something that I still had to grow in [such as] making music and production, writing songs."