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  • Slater Young shared the latest update about their home ‘The Skypod’ in his YouTube vlog.

Slater Young shares why they had to close Skypod for two weeks

Slater Young shared the latest update about their home ‘The Skypod’ in his YouTube vlog.

Slater Young shares why they had to close Skypod for two weeks-Toff C.
Toff C.

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03/15/2022 11:11 AM
Slater Young shares why they had to close Skypod for two weeks
Photo credits to Slater Young Youtube

Slater Young shared why they had to close their house, which is popularly known as "The Skypod," for two weeks. 

In his latest YouTube vlog, Slater showed their house being sealed with giant plastic covering. 

He explained, "It's very, very hot here inside [the house]. There is no air coming in but we are doing this for a very, very good reason. So this whole situation here was born out of one thing and that is we want to be as safe as we can be during the next typhoon and all of these, these coverings are because we are going to do something to our whole roof area."

The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate relayed that Typhoon Odette left some damage on their rooftop hence they are doing some steps now to make it more durable. 

"So if you are walking on the roof ngayon makikita mo na ang dami ng repair marks sa aming bahay... And a lot of it is because of the damage that was caused by Typhoon Odette… Medyo nao-open up niya 'yung edge of a roofing and natatakot kami na next time these happens mas lalo siyang mag-open and this is why there are so many leaks na sa loob ng bahay namin," he shared.

Slater also said that they also want to fix the sound that comes from their roof whenever it's raining. 

"Imagine everytime na umuulan, lalo na kapag malakas ang ulan, sobrang ingay sa loob ng bahay namin. At first, we found it like parang nasa [countryside], tayo parang romantic ang tunog, and after a while it gets old and you want quiet na lang especially after nong Typhoon Odette sobrang nakakatakot talaga guys," he said. 

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To address all their problems about their roof, Slater shared that they decided to spray it with polyurethane foam, the same type of insulating foam that a refrigerator contains. 

In the vlog, Slater documented their roof being sprayed with  polyurethane foam. 

"With this being the same type of foams that we use in our refrigerators, this is going to make our house a lot cooler and this also addresses all my little problems when it comes to typhoons and rain. So 'yung mga seams ng roofing natin naka-covered na siya and nase-seal na siya ng maayos. This is one one inch thick na foam so it helps make the roof act as one piece plus it seals everything off so less chances for leaking. And lastly if ever it rains, muffled na 'yung tunog ng ulan and it's not like before na it [sounds] like metal sheet," he shared.

Slater relayed that it took two weeks to finish covering their rooftop with the foam. 

“So the big question is was this all worth it for us? Personally, 'yung peace of mind na nabibigay na a roof is a little bit stronger, and a little more one, masasabi ko na is a very, very big deal,” he stated.

Meanwhile, his wife Kryz Uy shared that the immediate benefit that they  gained from covering their roof with the foam is the reduction of noise when it rains. 

“Hindi  naman siya 100% na wala talagang tunog but a lot better. If it's light rain, you don't hear anything. You don't even realize that it's raining, right? But if it's a heavy-heavy rain may maririnig pa rin tayo but I would say 30% na lang,” Slater explained. 

“Kasi before our roof was really noisy and then now it's like a normal roof,” Kryz added.