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Sid Lucero on playing an abusive husband in ‘Silip Sa Apoy’: ‘Nobody should be hurting anybody’

Sid Lucero admits he has been on both the giving and receiving ends of an abusive relationship in the past.

Sid Lucero on playing an abusive husband in ‘Silip Sa Apoy’: ‘Nobody should be hurting anybody’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/15/2022 05:43 PM
Sid Lucero on playing an abusive husband in ‘Silip Sa Apoy’: ‘Nobody should be hurting anybody’
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While portraying the role of Angeli Khang’s abusive husband in the Vivamax Original film Silip Sa Apoy, Sid Lucero admitted he found the scenes hard to execute because of his own reluctance to hurt anyone physically.

“It’s really hard to raise a hand especially on females. It’s really difficult for me. When I have scenes like these, it’s much more difficult. My connection with the cast makes it much more easy because it feels like we’re playing eh and we both have a mutual understanding that were both going to do this and this is how we’re going to do it. And if we’re not, we both know that there’s some level of trust there,” he said. 

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After shooting their scenes highlighting domestic abuse and rape, Sid revealed how it would affect him emotionally long after leaving the set because of his own real-life experiences growing up

“Even though it’s really ugly, especially at night after doing a scene like that it’s really hard to sleep. Especially since some of the things aren’t really directed and aren’t written so it must come from a dark place.  But at the same time, not just because I’ve experienced something like this in my home but it happens in a lot of homes in various forms not just physically. It can be psychologically or emotionally, it happens in many forms. I think as an actor it’s also my responsibility to play it as honestly as I could. Because it also represents not just the evil in our world but it represents the kinds of lives some of our women and children and people go through at home and I think it’s only our responsibility to play it as it is,” he shared. 

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Even though Silip Sa Apoy focused on him being a dark character, Sid said that even women can be abusive in relationships as well and he has been on both sides of the fence.

“Anyone and anything can be abusive. I’m pretty sure I’m guilty of that. Especially when I was younger, growing up when you think you’re so sure of yourself and then your opinions matter so much that it doesn’t matter how it gets out there. I’ve never hit anybody you know but to bring somebody to tears and then the next thing you know, it’s been like two or three weeks and you’ve been talking the same way and in the same way someone’s crying. That’s a form of abuse. Maybe there’s a better way to talk to somebody right? There’s always a better way to talk to anybody. It’s not just exclusive to men, I’ve heard of men getting beaten up because some men will never lay a hand on their women. And women take advantage of that. In real life I have taken some punches and slaps before. I mean it’s nothing you can’t take but it shouldn’t happen. But siyempre if I got it I probably did something also right? So I’m not going to wash my hands off of my fault, you know what I mean? (laughs). But bottomline is it shouldn’t be happening. Nobody should be hurting anybody for any reason,” he said. 

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Sharing some advice to women who are trapped in abusive relationships just like in Silip Sa Apoy, Sid hoped they can find a way to change their life.

“First of all, I would like to say I really am sorry if you’re going through something like this. I really am. And whatever it is that’s keeping you where you are, whatever the reason is, obviously it’s not easy. But first of all, no is no. No one has any right, male or female, to force themselves on you or anything of that sort. Paiyakin ka nga araw araw that’s already some form of abuse. That’s like emotional battery already and you shouldn’t be going through that. You really have to arm yourself in terms of knowing your rights. Knowing who to turn to, knowing what numbers to call. Because there are so many ways our system can help. It’s not perfect but our system has ways to help. Be brave, arm yourself and be smart. Then you better start loving yourself and find a way out,” he advised. 

Watch Ricky Lee’s Silip Sa Apoy exclusively on Vivamax. Starring Angeli Khang, Paolo Gumabao, Sid Lucero, at Jela Cuenca. Directed by McArthur Alejandre.