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Megan Young talks about her pandemic ‘baby’: ‘Kasama na rin siya sa family’

Actress and pet parent Megan Young reveals how her dog Soba came into their lives during the pandemic.

Megan Young talks about her pandemic ‘baby’: ‘Kasama na rin siya sa family’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/12/2022 04:04 PM
Megan Young talks about her pandemic ‘baby’: ‘Kasama na rin siya sa family’
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Used to wearing many hats in her life as an actress, beauty queen, vlogger, and wife, Megan Young said she has also been an animal lover for pretty much her entire life. Aside from her cat Salem, Megan and her husband Mikael Daez also have a dog they named Soba whom they got during the pandemic.

“I think I’ve always just loved animals. I had to force my parents to get me a cat when I was younger. As in I would literally beg them every single day. And I was so specific about the type of cat that I wanted. I wanted a white fluffy cat and bless my parents, they really took the time to drive us around and we went from pet store to pet store. We asked a lot of people but we just weren’t able to find that specific cat. Until one day my mom’s co-worker brought it up that she won’t be able to take care of the cat that she had and was wondering if our family was willing to take her in. And that’s when we just started having cats from then and after that cat family passed away kasi sobrang tumanda na sila. I literally grew up with them. Until we finally had Salem and then Soba,” she said during the Pedigree Dentastix Oral Care online launch held earlier this month. 


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During the event launch, Megan admitted the idea to have a new member of their family initially came from her husband.

“When we were thinking about getting a dog before, si Mikael talaga yung may gusto and ako yung nagsasabi sa kanya na, ‘Feeling ko we won’t be responsible enough.’ Like hindi ko alam kung kaya ko mag-alaga ng aso. But he finally just decided that we’re going to get this dog, she’s adorable, she’s cute, she’s perfect for our family. At first I was one of those fur parents na akala ko parang, ‘Okay Soba is cute tapos we’ll get her shots and then okay na yun. Playtime playtime lang.’ Pero yun pala we really have to take care of our pet’s oral health kasi tulad din natin where we have to take care of our oral health, ganun din sa mga furbabies natin. Soba has been a great and a wonderful emotional support para sa pamilya namin on days when I don’t even want to do anything or I’m feeling down. Soba is just there and her energy just gives me so much life honestly,” she shared.


A post shared by Megan Young (@meganbata)


A post shared by Megan Young (@meganbata)

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Megan also shared their initial concerns of taking care of a dog and how it fit into their lifestyle as a busy couple.

“I think the one concern I had before was nung una, ‘Paano ko ba siya itu-toothbrush?’ Paano ko ba gagawin yun especially since Mikael and I really love to travel. We love going to different places especially before the pandemic. That was really something we really bonded over. So parang if we’re going to bring Soba with us, paano yun? Dagdag ba yung toothbrush niya sa mga dala namin? So having Dentastix actually made it more convenient for us to bring Soba around with us because we didn’t have to worry as much about her oral health. Soba really strengthened our emotional bond not just as individuals but I guess our responsibility also. Kasi for the longest time Mikael and I have been focused on just ourselves or just as a couple. But now we’re responsible for a little furbaby so we have to think outside of our own well-being. Kasama na siya sa picture and kasama na rin siya sa family namin,” she admitted. 


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As a responsible fur parent, Megan stressed the importance of what people should consider before welcoming a new pet into their lives.

“Your furbaby is like a baby. So put that into your budget. And also know what kind of lifestyle you have versus the kind of dog that you want. Kasi mamaya sobrang chill mo lang tapos you’re lifestyle is very chill. You live in a smaller apartment and then all of a sudden you get a big dog, so you have to balance that out and see where your lifestyle goes kasi yung furbaby mo susunod lang din naman yan sa ‘yo. And you want to make sure you’re giving them the best life you can within the means of your home also. For us, we got Soba because we’re homebodies. We just stay at home most of the time and our work is mostly here. So we were very lucky enough to find Soba who is so chill at home. She’s basically a lapdog kasi. Nakadikit lagi siya sa akin and she’s also very quiet. So swak na swak talaga siya para sa akin,” she added.