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Iya Villania on wanting to have more babies: ‘It’s so addictive!’

Iya Villania talks about her fourth pregnancy and why she and husband Drew Arellano look forward to growing their family.

Iya Villania on wanting to have more babies: ‘It’s so addictive!’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/12/2022 09:47 AM
Iya Villania on wanting to have more babies: ‘It’s so addictive!’
Photo credit: @iyavillania Instagram

After revealing to her family that she is now pregnant with baby number four, Iya Villania said it was not really a surprise anymore to her husband Drew Arellano when she broke the news to him last January.

“Well yung mga kids hindi nila masyadong gets except maybe si Primo. Si Primo was actually hoping to have a baby sister. Very particular pa siya, ‘I want two baby sisters.’ Si Drew naman, hindi na rin siya nagulat. Kasi parang ginusto rin namin ito. Akala kasi namin hanggang three lang kami lalo na the third turned out to be a girl. I clearly remember nung iniri ko si Alana, yung iyak ko, ‘Yes iniri ko siya but it was also yes hindi na ‘to mauulit pa. Finally puwede ko ng tapusin itong panganganak na ‘to dahil hindi siya madali.’

“But as we were watching them grow, lalo na with Alana’s age now nakikita namin na she’s interacting with her brothers tapos yung personality niya lumalabas. Naging trap eh. I’m telling you, you get to three kids and it’s a trap. You will want to have more. Ganun siya. Wala eh, the energy, the love, the joy that they bring, it’s so addictive that you just want to have more babies (laughs). Kaya hindi na nagulat si Drew,” she recalled during Babyflo’s #SayaNgAlagangBabyflo online launch event.

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After giving birth to her eldest son Primo in 2016, Iya said things have become smoother with the arrival of each new child.

“Yung totoo lang, yung sa first baby you over-prepare. And then as you have the succeeding babies you realize na, ‘Ay hindi ko pala ito kailangan. Ito, hindi ko rin kailangan.’ Yung crib namin buti na lang hiniram ko lang yun kasi kay Primo ko lang siya ginamit at nagamit ko lang siya sa pictorial. After nun, I returned to sender kasi ang totoo we all sleep together so hindi namin kailangan ng crib. So yung space na yun sa kuwarto nila sayang kasi there could be added drawers or cabinet space for them rather than a crib na hindi naman gagamitin. Actually there’s no preparation. I’m just getting rid of what I don’t need. Kasi by now alam na alam ko kung ano yung kailangan ko lang and kailangan ko lang halungkatin ulit yung mga baby boy clothes,” she shared.

Aside from their first child Antonio Primo, Iya and Drew also have two more children named Alonzo Leon and Alana Lauren.

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During the pandemic, Iya admitted it was a challenge adjusting towards doing quarantine at home for the past two years.

“The challenge was to just be limited at home kasi hindi nga makalabas lalo na nung time na yun kahit lumabas ka lang ng kalsada para umikot ng isang round, even that was not allowed. So we just had to keep everyone happy here at home. Buti na lang, in one way or another, the pandemic was even working to the benefit of my children because my children just love having me and Drew around. Parang kaming mga magnet. Kahit magsasarili kami ni Drew in one part of the unit, before you know it, parang silang may mga radar, nahahanap nila kami and they just want to hang out with us even if we’re not doing anything. They just want to be with us. Because we’re very malambing, we like to cuddle and we like to make harutan. So if anything I think that’s something the kids got to enjoy more because of the pandemic.

“Pero siyempre na-mi-miss ko din yung taking them to different places. Kasi before the pandemic I would love taking them to places like Kidzoona and all these kiddie fun active places. So giving them a change in scenery, isa din yun sa nakaka-happy sa amin as parents and even my angels here at home, we all needed to have like some kind of break from the regular norm here inside the house. It’s these little breaks that keep us happy and keep us sane,” she recalled.

Iya admitted being grateful to her husband for helping discipline their children when she is not able to do it.

“We both have our moments. Actually medyo balanse. I used to think na ako yung mas disciplinarian pero kapag wala ako sa bahay at siya yung nandidito, nakikita ko na he also steps up. Nagpapaka-bad cop siya when he has to. So we kind of balance it out kasi minsan may mga oras din na I’m caught at a really bad time tapos mas mainitin yung ulo ko so hindi maganda na ako ang mag-handle ng isang sitwasyon. So when he sees that, and I really appreciate it, without me even having to say, he will be the one to step in and step up. Tapos pag baliktad naman at siya yung nakikita kong mainit yung ulo tapos ako yung parang mas kalmado, then I will be the one to deal with it. So it will really depend in our household,” she explained.

As one of Babyflo’s celebrity mom guests during the #SayaNgAlagangBabyflo onlilne launch, Iya also shared how she is able to juggle her busy life which includes not just family duties but working in showbiz at the same time.

“You have to give everything time. You can’t just wait for things to happen. Because when you wait for things to happen, before you know it matatapos yung araw na wala ka palang na-achieve. So you need to schedule it. Treat it as if binabayaran ka (laughs). Parang ganun yung motivation na you have to treat it as if it’s as important as work. Kasi di ba mahihiya ka sa mga empleyado mo if you’re not going to show up to work pero binabayaran ka di ba? So same thing with working out, same thing with businesses on the side, with having to come up with new designs and with launching of different products, and being there for the kids. You really have to make time. That’s what it is. I feel that when you make time, that’s when you’re more productive kasi hindi mo iisipin na mamaya na yan. You actually get things done,” she said.