Derek Ramsay on his relationship with Elias: ‘I think he’s my son’

Derek Ramsay embraced the role as Elias’ second dad.

Derek Ramsay on his relationship with Elias: ‘I think he’s my son’-Ann Manhit
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11/06/2022 10:15 AM
Derek Ramsay on his relationship with Elias: ‘I think he’s my son’
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Derek Ramsay sees Elias not as a stepson but as his own son.

“I adore this boy,” said Derek Ramsay about Elias, the son of his wife Ellen Adarna with former partner John Lloyd Cruz, in an interview with PEP.

Even before he and Ellen tied the knot, Derek’s closeness with Elias has already been notable. He and Elias can be seen bonding and spending time together in several photos, showing Elias’ attachment to Derek. This comes as no surprise since Derek embraced Elias as his own from the get-go. 

“I hate using the word stepson,” Derek admitted. “I think he’s my son.”

Nevertheless, Derek clarified that he had no intention of taking the place of Elias’ biological dad. He isn’t out to compete with him, after all. Derek is just happy to be able to be another father figure to Elias. 

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“I don’t want to disrespect John Lloyd,” he stressed. “He’s the biological father and I’m always going to be second best to John Lloyd. But I love him like he’s my own.”

On John Lloyd’s part, he has no issues with Derek being another dad to his son. In a previous interview, he shared that he only had Elias’ welfare at heart, and that included supporting the family he has with Derek and Ellen. 

“I wish them both a strong and fun marriage kasi vital 'yon sa welfare at sa growth ng anak ko,” he explained. 

John Lloyd also considers Derek as a good influence on Elias. 

’Ang [ganda] ng ginagawa ni Derek para sa anak ko. Four years old pa lang [siya] pero parang matured na,” he said to entertainment vlogger Ogie Diaz.  “Kung hindi ganun si Derek, hindi ko alam kung anong ugali ngayon ni Elias.”

“Maganda rin na nandoon si Derek kasi naiintindihan ako ni Derek bilang tatay din siya,”  he added. 

They also have a modern family setup.

Both Ellen and Derek have expressed their intention to focus on building their family, even hoping to add another member to the mix. Currently, it’s Derek, Ellen, and Elias as well as Austin, Derek’s son with his former partner. 

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Ellen has turned down quite a number of offers because she wants to be hands-on with their family. Similarly, Derek has also declared that he is “semi-retiring” from show business. 

"I'm really enjoying family,” explained Derek. “Ngayon talaga I'm really bonding with Elias, with my wife Ellen.”

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With his mom and two dads, Elias has all the love and support he needs.