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Kim Chiu gives a sneak peek of her ‘second home’

Kim Chiu gives a tour of her #artistavan which recently got a major upgrade.

Kim Chiu gives a sneak peek of her ‘second home’-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit
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11/03/2022 09:06 AM
Kim Chiu gives a sneak peek of her ‘second home’
Photo credit to @chinitaprincess Instagram

Having to travel from one location to the next, it seems that celebrities spend more time on the road than they do in their own homes. This is probably why many would really invest in a comfortable vehicle that can serve as their home away from home. 

It was in 2019 when Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu first gave a tour of her customized van on her YouTube channel. 

“This is my second house kasi parang dito na rin ako nakatira pag nagte-taping or while shooting or may ginagawang work na sobrang tagal,” Kim shared. 

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Back then, her van had all white interiors. It featured comfortable captain seats and a sofa bed. It had a privacy window that she could easily roll up when she wants to rest. She even has built-in tables, electric sockets, a television, special light fixtures with several options, and a spacious trunk for clothes and other baggage. 

This 2022, Kim’s van got a major upgrade. This is just as well since Kim is busy as ever with her showbiz commitments and her new business.

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Once again, the custom interiors were done by Atoy Customs, who was introduced to her by good friend Kris Aquino. 

“Lahat ng van ko, simula nag-artista ako, si Atoy talaga ang gumagawa ng #artistavan,” shared Kim, who appreciates how the features are personalized depending on her specific needs. 

In her vlog, Kim gave another tour of her newly-updated van. 

“This time, may bago na siyang interior at mga bagong pakulo,” Kim said. 

The new features were as much a surprise to Kim as to her viewers, because it was the first time that Kim was seeing all the upgrades done. Atoy gave Kim a walk-through of her van, which was extra special because of the many techie features powered by Lifesmart. 

Upon opening the door, an extra step extends out to make the climb easier. A huge smart TV is mounted near the front, along with a touchscreen clock that also controls the cabin’s main lights. 

While her van’s interiors were still all white and the layout of the seats and trunk were still the same, they were a lot of details that really had Kim in awe. 

First up were her custom overhead cabinets that now has bigger space and an automatic soft close. Next were her upgraded reclining captain’s chairs. Compared to her previous video where the chair would make a popping sound when reclining, her new chairs moved smoothly at the touch of a button. Same goes with her now-motorized sofa bed. 

“Airplane na talaga ‘to,” she quipped. 

Her van also has twinkling lights overhead for a starry sky feel and her name spelled out in bright lights. 

“Pwede na ako mag-talk show dun,” Kim commented. 

One major challenge was placing a built-in vanity mirror. Previously, Kim just had a portable kit where she does her makeup. This time around, she had a huge mirror installed on the wall. This was no ordinary mirror, though. It’s actually a Smart Mirror, which means that it actually works like a smart TV or a tablet. The van also has Wi-Fi installed, which makes everything extra convenient. The features of the van are connected to a smart network, and can be activated by voice command or via the Lifesmart app on her phone. 

“Ang dami-daming nangyari sa van ko,” Kim commented happily. 

What is not included in Kim’s van is a restroom. In her 2019 video, she explained that she opted for a sleeping area instead. In her newest upgrade, she still didn’t have a restroom installed. Rather, she kept her grandmother’s contribution to her second home: a “mahiwagang black box“ that contained an arinola (chamber pot) that she called “Arinola Chiu”.