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Martin Nievera to ABS-CBN: ‘My life is now yours’

Proud Kapamilya Martin Nievera explains his reasons for signing a contract again with ABS-CBN, his home network for the almost four decades.

Martin Nievera to ABS-CBN: ‘My life is now yours’-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit
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11/15/2022 06:22 PM
Martin Nievera to ABS-CBN: ‘My life is now yours’
Photo credit to @martinnievera Instagram

Concert King Martin Nievera has been in the industry for four decades already, and still, he continues to serenade Filipinos here and abroad with his music. He has achieved a lot in his career, and was given the Pilita Corrales Lifetime Achievement Award by the Philippine Movie Press Club, Inc. (PMPC) during the 13th Star Awards for Music in recognition of his contributions to the industry.

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Martin just came from a show in Las Vegas with the rest of the ASAP Natin ‘To cast, along with other featured guests. It was apt that Martin be part of the show, especially as he was one of the its original artists. More than that, Martin also served as mentor to the artists he worked with, such as KZ Tandingan, who acknowledges Martin as one of the key figures who made her into the artist she is today.

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It was also during this trip that Martin renewed his contract with his longtime home network, ABS-CBN, in the presence of ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak and COO for Broadcast Cory Vidanes. 

"You can joke about all you want but if you have people like these two at your back telling you we need you, we want you, and we love you… that’s what this station is,” Martin said emotionally. “That’s why we’re still together. That’s what makes us Kapamilya.”

Even as the network faced tough challenges, he chose to stay loyal to it. At the time when ABS-CBN lost its franchise, there were some rumors that he was going to move to another network. Martin was quick to disprove these.

"Wala, hindi totoo. There’s not even an offer. And even if there was, this, ABS-CBN is my last woman," he declared. 

While it was true that there had been offers in the past, Martin chose to stay on. 

“I’ve been offered many times, lots of money. Maybe I’m an idiot for being so loyal. But somewhere, somewhere down the road, it’s gonna pay off,” he believed. "It’s going to teach younger artists that fame and fortune are temporary, loyalty is forever."

As he renewed his commitment to ABS-CBN, Martin couldn’t help being emotional. He recalled the difficulties the network has faced these past years. 

"We work so hard to stay alive. You just don't know what we've been through. No one knows what we've been through," shared Martin during his contract signing. 

Martin has been a Kapamilya for almost as long as he has been in the industry. It has been witness to the ups and downs of his personal and professional life. 

“There’s not a day in our life when we’re not fighting for each other,” Martin stressed. 

It is this love and care for each other that has Martin once again inking a contract with the network. 

“There’s no other station that I can even imagine that has that kind of love,” he added. “That’s why I’m signing again with ABS-CBN. At this late age in my life, in my career, my life is now yours.”

Staying strong in the industry is no simple feat, and Martin humbly acknowledged this. 

“Staying power is the power to stay. In my case, I don't have the power that makes me stay,” he clarified. “I have the power of wanting to stay.” 

Martin shared that he doesn’t feel the need to leave or to try out new things at this point, especially because he is quite satisfied with the people he has been working with these past years.

“I think that’s how it is when you’re with a team of people who love and adore you the way ABS-CBN has for the last forty years,” he explained.

Thankful for the support and appreciation of his home network, Martin is happy to stay on and continue his journey as a Kapamilya. 

"I try to enjoy every day that comes my way,” Martin declared. “I’m just happy to still be in the game.”

In a previous interview, Martin disclosed his longevity plan. 

“To enjoy now, sing what I can sing, and enjoy it,” he shared. “I’ve earned it.”

Martin continues to be loved by the crowd as he entertains them in various avenues. Last August 28, 2022 he was able to perform a full-length concert titled M4D: Martin 4 Decades at the world-famous Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the first Filipino solo male artist to do so. This coming November 19, 2022, he is set to celebrate his fortieth anniversary with a concert of the same title at The Theatre at Solaire.