Pia Wurtzbach gears up for another marathon: ‘London is waiting’

Pia Wurtzbach wants to go further with her new sport.

Pia Wurtzbach gears up for another marathon: ‘London is waiting’-Drew Acierto
Drew Acierto


11/14/2022 09:18 PM
Pia Wurtzbach gears up for another marathon: ‘London is waiting’
Photo credits: @piawurtzbach on Instagram

Just a few days after her participation in the NYC marathon, Pia Wurtzbach is taking on another challenge to participate in another marathon.

Pia Wurtzbach isn’t resting anytime soon. The former Miss Universe revealed that she is headed straight to training as she will be running in the London Marathon in 2023.

She broke the news in her latest Instagram post.  

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The 33-year-old beauty queen shared that the NYC marathon has given her a fresh perspective on life.

Pia trained for several months before she completed the 42-kilometer race last November 6.

“Discovering the world of running has opened my eyes to a new & bigger world where I met new people and it felt so good to be exposed to that. You need that: to expand your world cos you can’t get stuck in your own bubble and comfort zone, ” she wrote.

Pia quipped that this experience –– from the grueling training up to achieving the goal –– made her realize that life has so much more to offer.

She added that she is already on the path to improving her running form just in time for her next marathon.

“In this marathon, I was with completely different people that had one common goal: to finish strong. I rediscovered a life that is much more than the four corners of a studio, the title you win from a pageant, or the number of likes on a post. Outside, real life is waiting for you and you just need to step out and take the first step. Totoo yun,” she remarked.

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Pia shared some clips from her past runs leading up to the NYC Marathon through an Instagram reel.

The 33-year-old marathon runner said that she wants to do more and ‘quitting isn’t an option’ for her anymore.

The beauty queen is challenging herself once more for the upcoming London Marathon, saying she wants to beat her own record.

“@londonmarathon is waiting! April 23, 2023,” she closed.