Elisse Joson launches her own beauty business

Elisse Joson launched a new business close to her heart.

Elisse Joson launches her own beauty business-Drew Acierto
Drew Acierto


11/14/2022 10:56 AM
Elisse Joson launches her own beauty business
Photo credit to @elissejosonn Instagram

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Elisse Joson excitedly shared the news on her social media accounts that she launched her own business.

The actress founded The Lunch Break,  a beauty business that offers several services such as eyelash extensions and eyebrow grooming.


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A post shared by Elisse Joson (@elissejosonn)


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A post shared by Elisse Joson (@elissejosonn)

It took Elisse several months to conceptualize and plan her latest business venture.

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The 26-year-old celebrity came up with the idea to launch her own beauty business since she is passionate about self-care.

Elisse shared that she has always been serious when it comes to taking care of one’s self.

“How we feel inside, how we take care of ourselves, will make us able to share more of the positive things, feelings, and energy to the rest of the world,” she wrote.

Elisse said that she noticed people should get their much-deserved break in the comfort of their own homes. The proud owner of the new beauty business quipped that everyone deserves a break from their usual routine.

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Friends of the actress congratulated her in the comments section for her newest business.

“Taking a break is something I want to prioritize! And having it conveniently in my own personal space is a major plus. Doing all the fun things like getting pampered, doing my nails, and a beauty must that I've been super into— lash extensions, are my break time choices,” she added.

Just last year, Elisse launched her jewelry business with her partner, McCoy de Leon.