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Lindsay Lohan says she would do ‘Freaky Friday 2’ if it happens

Lindsay Lohan says that is down to do a 'Freaky Friday' sequel with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Lindsay Lohan says she would do ‘Freaky Friday 2’ if it happens-Toff C.
Toff C.

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11/12/2022 01:31 PM
Lindsay Lohan says she would do ‘Freaky Friday 2’ if it happens
Photo credit: @lindsaylohan Instagram (L) and Walt Disney Pictures (R)

Lindsay Lohan said that she is down to do a sequel of Freak Friday if it comes into fruition.

In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Lindsay shared that she actually discussed the idea of a sequel with her Freaky Friday co-star Jamie Lee Curtis.

"We did speak about it. First of all let us just take the fact that I was on set filming at that time and Jamie Lee Curtis writes you and you just get excited and distracted immediately so I have to bring myself down to earth and be like, 'I'm on set, I have to focus,' and she said Freaky Friday 2 and I got more excited," she did.

Lindsay confirmed that both of them will do the sequel if it happens.

"We'd both be into it," Lindsay said.

There is no confirmation yet if the sequel is really happening but in an interview on The View, Jamie shared that she already wrote a proposal to Disney to share her idea for the sequel.

"Let me be the grandma! Let me be the old grandma who switches places. So then Lindsay gets to be the sexy grandma, who is still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon," Jamie said in the interview. 

She added, "And simply, I would like to see Lindsay be the hot grandma, and I would like to see me try to deal with toddlers today. I want to be a helicopter parent in today's world, as an old lady."

Meanwhile, Lindsay is currently starring in the Netflix holiday movie Falling for Christmas.

"It's a girl who's kind of an heiress, who has pretty much everything and something happens to her and she got into a bad accident, and she gets amnesia, and remembers nothing. And I think it is a beautiful story because it is about how we always want more things in life but the simple things mean so much to us in the end and I connected with that," she said in the Tonight Show.

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 Lindsay sang a song for the film which is "Jingle Bell Rock." It can be recalled that Lindsay performed "Jingle Bell Rock" in her previous hit movie Mean Girls.

"I was kidding around with the producers and the directors and I was like, 'Oh it would be great to do a 'Jingle Bell Rock' skit,' and I should've not said it because they went straight to, 'Oh let us recreate the Mean Girls talent show scene,' and I was like, 'No you can't touch Mean Girls,' [so they said] 'Oh so can you do the song?' And so I was like, 'Gotta do the song.' I hope everyone likes it," she said.

The actress also talked about having her own podcast show which is called The Lohdown with Lindsay Lohan. She admitted that she was very nervous when she interviewed her first guest for her podcast.

"I was so nervous when I did my first interview because I was so used to getting the question asked to me. [Now] I was the one asking the questions. I was sweating for the first one," she relayed.