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Ronnie Liang declines daring roles

For singer Ronnie Liang, it’s a definite ‘no’ to doing roles that would require him to show his private parts.

Ronnie Liang declines daring roles-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit
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11/11/2022 12:14 PM
Ronnie Liang declines daring roles
Photo credit to @ronnieliang Instagram

Ronnie Liang was not at all flattered to be urged to get into risqué roles where he would have to bare himself. While he wasn’t averse to showing some skin, he did stress that he had his limits. 

“Hanggang ganito lang po ang pwede kong ipakita,” Ronnie stated. 

The singer aired out his frustration on his social media account about offers that he has been getting. 

“I got pissed off and disappointed,” he said frankly. 

“I was offered and urged to do PORN movies,” revealed Ronnie in disbelief. “Thanks, but NO thanks po.”

He took offense with the suggestion, and stressed that he would rather not have any projects than to accept a project that he was uncomfortable with. 

“Okay lang naman po kung wala akong movie or project. Sa iba nyo na lang po ibigay ang lead role na ‘yan,” said Ronnie. 

While he is a man of many interests, there are just some things that Ronnie is not willing to get into. 

“I did not sacrifice and study hard all these years only to show my private parts in public — Nakakahiya,” he stressed. “Without trying to brag, I am already an Army Reservist Officer, a pilot, a Master’s degree holder, a Brand Ambassador of some companies and other government agencies. Madami pa po akong pwedeng gawin at pag ginawa ko ‘yan, madaming mawawala sa akin.”

Ronnie earned his Master’s degree in Management, Major in National Security and Administration from the Philippine Christian University just this year. He also fulfilled his childhood dream of being a licensed commercial pilot and was able to professionally pursue his love for singing after being 2nd runner-up on the reality show Pinoy Dream Academy.


He is also an Army Reservist fort the Philippine Army, and holds the rank of 2nd lieutenant, similar to actor Matteo Guidicelli. He volunteered for the program in 2018 and completed training a year after. Ronnie takes his duties seriously and actively does his share as an Army Reservist, such as being a frontliner during the quarantine period and helping out in relief operations during typhoons. 

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Another major factor is Ronnie’s faith as a practicing Christian. 

“Most importantly, please understand that I am a Christian and a follower of Christ,” he explained. “Whatever I have achieved and everything I do is for the honor and glory of God.”

Ronnie understands that fame and fortune are fleeting, and he would rather hold on to respect. 

“I am not perfect, super rich, or super famous. But to me, fame and money are only temporary,” Ronnie stressed. “Self-respect and the respect of my colleagues in and out of showbiz are forever more vital to me.”