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How Darren Espanto earned the trust of Cassy Legaspi’s parents

Carmina Villarroel reveals how Darren Espanto managed to earn their trust.

How Darren Espanto earned the trust of Cassy Legaspi’s parents-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit
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11/11/2022 09:30 AM
How Darren Espanto earned the trust of Cassy Legaspi’s parents
Photo credit to @darrenespanto Instagram

There has been talk about ‘shipping singer-actor Darren Espanto with actress Cassy Legaspi for some time now. The two have maintained that they are really good friends and have said that they do think each of each other as special, and of course that just makes their tandem even sweeter to CassRen fans. 

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Cassy comes from showbiz royalty, the daughter of active actors Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villarroel. She is the twin sister of actor Mavy Legaspi, who himself is in a relationship with actress Kyline Alcantara. With their whole family active in the industry, a rule that they hold sacred is that they maintain open communication lines with each other. 

This is probably why Carmina and Zoren had no qualms with allowing Cassy to go on a beach trip with Darren to Batangas a few months ago on their first out of town trip together.

“My parents super trust D. So nung nag paalam ako, they said, ‘Okay lang. Just be safe, update us,’” Cassy shared. 

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Carmina revealed that Darren had earned their trust. 

“Alam mo kung bakit okay ako kay D? Kasi mabait siyang tao,” Carmina said. 

She considers Darren a friend of both her children.

“Magkaibigan sila ni Cassy. Hindi lang si Cassy at si D, but also my Mavy,” clarified Carmina. 

Carmina appreciated that every time Darren would visit their house to hang out, he would pay his respects to them first. 

“Pumupunta ‘yan sa bahay, bumibisita ‘yan sa bahay. At ang unang-una niyang ginagawa kapag pumupunta ‘yan sa bahay ay hinahanap kami ni Zoren para bumati,” Carmina shared. 

“Yun ang pinakanagustuhan ko sa kanya,” she added. “Kasi makikita mo na meron siyang respeto.”

Cassy’s parents and friends would often playfully tease the two of them together, so much so that Carmina straight out asked Cassy about the real score between them. 

“So , ano ba kayong dalawa?” asked Carmina pointblank. 

“We’re very close,” Cassy replied frankly. “So, I would say best friend. Best friend ko siya.”

Carmina believes Cassy, and expounded on her daughter’s answer. 

“Ang sabi sa akin ni Cassy e wala pa sa isip niya ang boyfriend-boyfriend,” Carmina explained. “Sabi niya gusto nya mag-concentrate dito sa trabaho niya. Plus, nag-school kasi.”

“So gusto ko paniwalaan, gusto ko panghawakan na wala sa isip niya ‘yung ganon,” she added. “‘Di syempre pabor sa akin ‘yun.”

Carmina admitted that she would rather have Cassy hold off on having a relationship, but should it happen, she would also choose to understand her. For now, though, she believes Cassy when she says that her and Darren are really just best friends. 

Like Cassy, Darren is also focusing on his career now and hopes to pursue his college degree as well. 

"My ambitions? I mean unti-unti na siyang natutupad ng hindi ko ini-expect. For example, to have an international collaboration. But yeah, I hope to release more music soon internationally and also achieve siguro international recognition as well," shared Darren.  "And also kung hindi showbiz-related, 'yung makapatapos po ng college... I am looking forward to doing business po siguro, parang feeling ko magagamit ko.”