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  • Korina Sanchez interviews Karen Davila and addresses rumors of their alleged rivalry.

Karen Davila and Korina Sanchez address rumors of alleged rivalry

Korina Sanchez interviews Karen Davila and addresses rumors of their alleged rivalry.

Karen Davila and Korina Sanchez address rumors of alleged rivalry-Toff C.
Toff C.

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11/01/2022 03:48 PM
Karen Davila and Korina Sanchez address rumors of alleged rivalry
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Karen Davila and Korina Sanchez set the record straight about their alleged rivalry. The two addressed the said rumors on Korina's Net25 show Korina Interviews.

"Feeling ko, because workwise, parang it was such a competitive environment where we used to work. Parang they would always pit people against each other, perhaps. It would be, let’s say after Korina, nandiyan si Karen. Napakahirap din nun for any woman ha. Kasi nga you feel minsan either may hinahabol ka or hinahabol ka," Karen said in the interview as she shared her thoughts on why rumors of their supposed rivalry had been circulating.

Karen admitted that she considers not knowing Korina well before at the Kapamilya network as a missed opportunity.

"I mean this from the bottom of my heart, ako sa pananaw ko, isa sa mga nasayang na panahon ko sa ABS-CBN is yung hindi kita nakilala doon. Of course, you were very busy. But I feel it was a lost opportunity for me, for both of us," Karen said.

She added, "I wish I had gotten to know you then. Even as a mentor, even somebody who is much senior than me. The whole experience I mean of getting to know because we never got to do that."  

Korina pointed out that their schedules were very hectic back then and she thinks it was the reason they were not able to really get to know each other at ABS-CBN.

"We never got to do that, una sobrang busy. Iba iba ang schedule natin. It’s not like nakakahuntahan ko ng madalas si Bernadette [Sembrano] or even Loren [Legarda]. Talagang ang nakakausap ko lang ay si Ted [Failon] kasi siya yung partner ko," Korina stated.

Korina also added that rumors of their supposed rivalry was also going around that time.

"Naunahan pa ng intriga. 'Ay ang pumalit kay Korina si Karen so baka galit si Korina kay Karen.' Actually hindi ah. Decision ng management iyon nung pinalitan mo ako sa TV Patrol. And there was [no animosity]. Remember when Mar (Roxas) ran, I even invited you? Wala talaga yun kasi decision talaga iyan ng mga boss namin nung mga panahon na iyon," Korina stated.

Karen highlighted then, "And I think we didn't know each other well so I think that was also a factor. I think kasi if you don't know each other you also tend to, I think you tend to respond to your fears and to other people right?"

In the same interview, Karen also opened up about how she felt when she replaced Korina on TV Patrol in 2004 and when she needed to leave the primetime newscast in 2010 when Korina was returning to the program

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"Remember when I replaced you in TV Patrol in 2004, napakahirap nun for me I felt I wasn't ready for TV Patrol then. I think I was 34, I felt I was too young for TV Patrol then but then after 6 years by 2010 I remember management told me that you were coming back and Kabayan (Noli de Castro) was coming back, do you know that was when I understood, eh kung nangyari nga kay Korina alangan naman na magreklamo ako na mangyari sa akin? So feeling ko bakit ako magrereklamo eh kay Korina nga nangyari 'yun? She was at the top of her game and ako, if she comes back, what makes it any different. That's how I felt," she shared.

Korina then explained that when it comes to the primetime program, reshuffling was really inevitable.

"Alam po ninyo sa news ganun po 'yun. Isa lang po ang newscast sa primetime at pwedeng musical chairs 'yan, pwede 'yan magpalit ng kung sinu-sino. Wala kang magagawa dahil lahat po kami empleyado so I think the really best thing is to just shine wherever you are," Korina said.