Carla Abellana speaks up against horse fighting

Carla Abellana is one proud animal welfare advocate.

Carla Abellana speaks up against horse fighting-Drew Acierto
Drew Acierto


10/04/2022 03:39 PM
Carla Abellana speaks up against horse fighting
Photo credit to @carlaangeline Instagram

Animal welfare advocate and actress Carla Abellana shared on her Instagram the disgust she felt about horse fighting. She uploaded an image of a horse fighting match which was previously posted by Animal Kingdom Foundation.

“I, Carla Abellana, stand behind Animal Kingdom Foundation’s fight against horse fighting and ALL forms of animal fighting,” she wrote.

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Being an advocate for animal welfare, the actress gave her opinion on why any type of animal fighting is cruel and disgusting. 

“I’ve been desperate to speak against horse fighting (and since been actively campaigning against ALL other types of animal fighting) since I found out years ago that it sadly exists in our very own country,” she wrote.

Carla continued by saying she doesn’t understand the “tradition” of having two animals fight each other. For the actress, she claimed that it’s just a way to gamble money and not for any form of entertainment.

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The actress wanted to raise awareness to her followers as October 4 marks World Animal Day. Carla revealed that a three-day horse fighting activity will be held in the Municipality of Glan in the Province of Sarangani, also falling on October 4.

“An injured farm animal is of no use to your livelihood so why do you risk the lives and health of these expensive and precious animals? There is nothing spiritual, religious, or cultural in pitting two massive animals to fight it out for human enjoyment. There is no pride here, simply an outright violation of a national law- RA 8485, as amended by 10631,” she reposted.

Netizens joined Carla’s cause and used the hashtag #NoToAnimalCruelty. They also thanked the actress for using her voice to fight for what is right.