Pia Wurtzbach opens up about her mental health struggles: ‘Let’s keep winning everyday’

Pia Wurtzbach learns more about herself everyday.

Pia Wurtzbach opens up about her mental health struggles: ‘Let’s keep winning everyday’-Drew Acierto
Drew Acierto


10/29/2022 05:01 PM
Pia Wurtzbach opens up about her mental health struggles: ‘Let’s keep winning everyday’
Photo credit: @@piawurtzbach Instagram

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach shed some light on her personal struggles on her mental health journey. On her Instagram, the beauty queen wanted to share with her followers what she has been going through and how she has been dealing with it.



Pia decided to post it before October ended to commemorate mental health awareness month.

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“Last year, I posted my TedX speech where I talked about my mental health struggles (link in bio). I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety while I was Miss Universe and since then, it’s been a journey of learning, healing, sometimes falling off track, and then bouncing back again,” she shared.

The 33-year-old actress decided to post her journey since she feels she’s not struggling alone. Even though she posts different content on her social media, she pointed out that not everything is 100% real life as those posts have been carefully curated.

“Nowadays, I’ve learned and adapted healthier habits that help manage my emotions, but it’s not to say it’s all smooth sailing because it never really just goes away. There’s no magic cure. You just learn how to get better at managing it. But even with everything I’ve learned already, with the support I have & how truly blessed I am (believe me I know this and I am so grateful for it), even with all of that…it’s still a daily struggle,” she added.

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Pia shared that everyday she wakes up and makes a choice––whether to choose what feels right for her or what could ruin the entire week for her. The beauty queen revealed that it is a daunting task but she advised to take it one day at a time.

“I celebrate even the little victories. Wins don’t have to come in the form of a crown, a big work opportunity or trying to run a marathon. Wins are those moments where I choose to get out of bed instead of staying in and consuming media all day. It’s when I stick to my promise of seeing a friend instead of flaking and staying home,” she continued.

Pia told her followers to focus on what’s good for their life and forget all the negative things surrounding them. She reminded the netizens that there would always be someone willing to help them out.

“Let’s keep winning everyday,” she closed.