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Wil Dasovich gives his opinion on religion, culture, and vlogging

Agree to disagree? Vlogger Wil Dasovich stressed the need to respect differences in personal beliefs and culture.

Wil Dasovich gives his opinion on religion, culture, and vlogging-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit
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10/24/2022 09:03 PM
Wil Dasovich gives his opinion on religion, culture, and vlogging
Photo credits: @wil_dasovich on Instagram

“Everyone dies. No need to worry, everyone dies,” said travel vlogger Wil Dasovich, quoting the words of his friend, Nepalese mountaineer Mingma David Sherpa.


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On his Facebook account, Wil condoled with Mingma who recently lost his younger brother, Karsang Tenjing Sherpa, in a fire. 

“RIP Karsang and thank you for everything,” said Wil in his tribute to Karsang. “You will be missed brother.” Aside from being a family friend, Wil was grateful to Karsang for “saving him from the cold” one time. 

In the comments section, one netizen left a comment which reflected his/her personal beliefs. 

“Die. And Hell after,” replied user @missionendtimes to Wil’s post. “If you have no Jesus, you’ll Die and suffer in Hell. But if you have Jesus, you will Live forever.”

While Wil understood where the netizen was coming from, he had to call the netizen out. 

“I understand your good intention, but you can’t impose your personal beliefs upon others who come from a different background,” replied Wil. 

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Wil stressed on the need to consider context, culture, and respect for differing beliefs. 

“The culture here in Nepal is a mix of Buddhist and Hindu,” he explained. “So you have to respect their different perspectives and way of life.”

Although he respected the netizen’s perspective, Wil said he felt that the timing of the comment could be better, given that the post was done to give tribute to someone who just passed away.

“It is very rude to say that, especially for a great guy who has just lost his life,” Wil said.

It can be recalled that Wil had a similar exchange with personality Joyce Pring when Wil guested in her Spotify podcast in an episode entitled “Unpacking Christianity.”

Joyce is a practicing Christian and a self-confessed “sinner saved by Christ.”

In the course of the conversation, Joyce expressed her belief about what happens with non-believers, or people who don’t believe in Jesus, when they pass away. 

“They’re gonna face judgment and go to hell,” she replied bluntly.

Joyce said she believes that those who have been good in life yet don’t believe in Jesus will also suffer the same fate. 


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Their discussion went viral, prompting people to share their own views on the topic. Some vehemently disagreed with Joyce, while some agreed with her. 

Wil said he believed such an exchange was healthy, which was precisely why he had a podcast. He said he wanted to have a platform where he could “ask tough questions, have open-ended discussions, and respectfully agree or disagree with [his] counterparts.”

He stressed that the goal was individual growth. 

“Ultimately, the goal is growth as an individual, promote open-mindedness and break down the engrained thought patterns that we have been fed our entire lives,” said Wil. 

Wil had made a name for himself by vlogging about the various places he visits and the different people he meets on the way. By doing so, he is able to be instrumental in sharing both the similarities and differences in people and beliefs. The world was full of diversity, he realized, and there was so much to know and learn.

“One of the main reasons why I travel vlog is to show everyone that were are different people from different backgrounds all over the world,” Wil shared. 

Wil pointed out that there is no one who is better or less of a person than another. 

“People hold different beliefs, religions, and may even pray to a different god, but that doesn’t make them any less of a person just because they were brought up in a different area,” he said. 

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He added that one of the reasons for his travels is for him to be reminded of this fact.

“I travel to get out of ‘the bubble’ and to give myself perspective, to remind myself that societal norms differ from place to place,” said Wil. “I strive to witness the numerous wakes of life so that I can understand one another, and connect with whomever I come across,” he said.

Despite the difference in background and values, Wil said he believes people are generally the same at their core. He stressed that respect of differences is necessary. 


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“At the end of the day, we all laugh in the same language, love in the same language, and have similar values, goals, and wants in life,” Wil insisted. “Good people come from all different places and religions, and we must respect that.”