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Maxene Magalona talks about one of the best trips of her life: ‘No plans, no thinking’

‘Viral Scandal’ actress Maxene Magalona sums up her week-long adventure in Baguio City.

Maxene Magalona talks about one of the best trips of her life: ‘No plans, no thinking’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


01/29/2022 11:20 AM
Maxene Magalona talks about one of the best trips of her life: ‘No plans, no thinking’
Photo credit: @maxenemagalona Instagram

After revealing in a previous interview that she almost quit showbiz last year after her extended stay in Bali, Indonesia during the first lockdown, actress and yoga teacher Maxene Magalona has been taking some time out for herself this year after wrapping up taping for the primetime series Viral Scandal. Maxene recently enjoyed a solo trip to Baguio City where she made shared her thoughts on social media. 

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In her post last January 27, the Viral Scandal actress summed up her week-long vacation away from Manila as life-changing in many ways.

She wrote, “This was definitely one of the best trips of my life. No plans, no thinking. Just feeling and following my intuition. Not only did I have so much fun exploring and letting my heart lead the way, this trip also helped me raise my consciousnesses even more. Going on this spontaneous adventure actually made me confront my relationship with fear. I have been living most of my life controlled by fear, anxiety, shame. and guilt so I decided to just keep choosing myself and listen to what my soul truly wants instead of giving in to my ego and allowing it to trick me into thinking that I don’t deserve to be happy. Because I know deep down that I am worthy of God’s blessings. I love and respect myself enough to know that I deserve to receive the same kind of energy that I contribute to the world.

“Fear is an illusion. It keeps us stuck and stagnant because we would rather stay in our comfort zone instead of going for what we truly want and desire in life. Fear keeps us stuck in a loop of unhealthy thinking patterns and negative self-talk. Fortunately, my mind can no longer play tricks on me because meditation trains me to see that thoughts are just another form of energy. My practice makes me feel that I am not my mind and that my thoughts are just like clouds passing by the big, blue sky.”

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In the same post, Maxene shared that she borrowed the vehicle she used for her trip from the parents of her husband Robbie Mananquil who is currently still in Bali, Indonesia focusing on his yoga and meditation practice. Despite speculations online regarding the status of their marriage, the couple has continued to keep mum on the issue.

“After a week of silence and solitude, I am going home with a meditative mind, happy heart and strong soul. ✨ #MeditatewithMaxene

“P.S. Thank you so much to my sweet in-laws Dad #RobertoMananquil and Mom @milletmartinezmananquil for lending me their car for this trip! I’m not going to unconsciously pretend that this car belongs to me when I don’t even own one to begin with 😅😂”

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With her return to Manila, Maxene announced the resumption of live talks on The Soul Space, a health and wellness website which is a space and community for sōul care, self-cultivation, compassionate self-inquiry, and mental health which she co-founded with writer Anna Fries. 

“You deserve sunflowers on a rainy day. Music that sings to your soul. Words of encouragement to keep you going.

“You should get messages that make your heart blush. Dreams that wake you up at night. A white dress that hugs you in all the right places.

“You are worthy of good mornings and blessings. Sweet and genuine energy. The kind of love that kisses your spirit.

“You should have deep and meaningful conversations. Heartfelt and sincere intentions. Pure and strong soul connections.

“You should be blessed with freedom in your mind, peace in your heart and sunshine in your soul. ✨

“We are slowly coming out of sweet hibernation naps. Hellooooo 2022! With the new year in full swing and Valentine‘s Day coming up next month we are taking the opportunity to focus on LOVE. Self-love, to be precise.

“We took some deliberate time for ourselves these past few weeks. With a busy and intense year behind us it was time to recalibrate, replenish and transition. Rest is important. We cannot serve our intention and intention with empty cups. Self-love was the answer. And this is precisely what we will talk about. When? This coming Sunday, January 30th, 3pm Bali/Manila time / 8.00am CET - on #TheSoulSpeaks with @maxenemagalona and @_annafries Make sure to tune in, because we will be sharing a little surprise 😊️🌸 We can‘t wait to see you back in the Sōul space. ✨🌻”

Maxene plays the role of Jake Cuenca’s wife Audrey Ramones in the primetime series Viral Scandal.