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Wil Dasovich is now a certified freediver: ‘I’ve learned a new skill’

Vlogger and former PBB housemate Wil Dasovich takes up a new hobby after breakup with Alodia Gosiengfiao last year.

Wil Dasovich is now a certified freediver: ‘I’ve learned a new skill’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


01/28/2022 08:18 AM
Wil Dasovich is now a certified freediver: ‘I’ve learned a new skill’
Photo credits to @wil_dasovich on Instagram

After setting the online world abuzz with the late admission of his breakup with Alodia Gosengfiao last year, Wil Dasovich proved he is more than ready to move on this year with his goal of conquering new adventures. The 30-year-old vlogger revealed he is now a Wave 1 certified freediver. Freediving is known as a form of underwater diving that relies on being able to hold your breath without any equipment as opposed to using a breathing apparatus like scuba diving gear. 

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In an Instagram post, Wil said he really had his mind set on learning how to freedive this year even though he admitted to being a ‘“pasaway” student.

He wrote,  “One of my New Year’s resolutions is spending more time doing outdoor activities and of these, freediving has been at the top of this list. I’m currently in the process of getting my certifications and on day 1 I barely passed the physical tests in the pool kasi mayabang ako at akala ko kaya kong gawin lahat na walang wetsuit dahil nagcocold therapy ako. I found out the hard way that it’s incredibly difficult to hold your breath if you are shivering and having muscle spasms. Luckily I passed, but almost passed out doing it! 🤣

“Thanks to my coach @Marese.Secades & @apnea.ph for dealing with me as a student - #1 pasaway! If there’s 1 thing I learned early on about this sport, it’s that there should be no ego and remain humble. Otherwise nature will punish you harshly!”


A post shared by Wil Dasovich (@wil_dasovich)

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During the first day of his training in Batangas, Wil shared what makes people fall in love with freediving. “On Day 1 of W1 ocean training, I came to realize that Freediving is the most ironic sport out there. You aren’t supposed to compete with others, yet its a sport and essentially competition. And to be the best, you have to actively practice being relaxed (does that even make sense?! 🤣)

“Physical sports have always been fairly easy for me to pick up, but I’ve yet to try a sport that appears to be 80%-90% mental and freediving is a different beast! I’ve always struggled with meditation but it seems to be a bit easier to find my calm when in the ocean. I’m quickly realizing why people get addicted to this because it allows you to feel more present than you ever have.

When you are at the depths of the ocean focused on each and every slow movement whilst fighting off all irrelevant thoughts and ticks, time slows down and clarity presents itself like never before. It’s a unique sensation that I feel everyone need experience at some point in their life. Can’t wait till the next dive! #KeepMovingForward”


A post shared by Wil Dasovich (@wil_dasovich)

In his latest post last January 27, the former Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 housemate proudly shared getting his first certification in the sport. “Officially a Wave 1 Certified Freediver! And I’m already thinking about the Wave 2 Cert to get to the advanced level.

“Thanks to my coach Ubi-Juan-Quinoobi @marese.secades & @seikophilippines for fast tracking me to this level and teaching me the art of zen competition. Like Anakin Skywater I’ve always allowed dark energy to be my source of focus when it came to sports. That’s why I seem ‘mad’ whenever I am competing because it allows me to zone in (but can be problematic, sometimes manifesting into real anger later on especially when losing)! Now I’ve learned a new skill in being able to tap into the tranquil side of focused competition, so that I now won’t get so upset when losing in small things like board games! 🤣”


A post shared by Wil Dasovich (@wil_dasovich)

Known for his entertaining vlogs which feature his travels and his close relationship with his family, Wil has 2.75M followers to date. Last year, he bested content creators from all over the world at the International Vlog Fest held in Malta and won the $30,000 prize.