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LOOK: Xian Lim’s nursery school graduation photo

Xian Lim’s mother Mary Anne Lim shares a throwback photo of her only son when he was just eight-years-old.

 LOOK: Xian Lim’s nursery school graduation photo-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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01/27/2022 08:52 AM
 LOOK: Xian Lim’s nursery school graduation photo
Photo credits to @mommymaryanne @xianlimm on Instagram

Growing up as an only child, Xian Lim has always been vocal about being grateful for his mom Mary Anne Lim’s sacrifices for their family and for raising him as a single parent. Last January 26, his mom shared a memorable photo from Xian’s childhood which was also one of his first milestones in school—his nursery graduation. In the photograph taken in the late ‘90s, Xian was already taller than his classmates. At present, the actor and director stands at 6’2”.

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In her post, Xian’s mom shared an interesting anecdote from his school days. She wrote, “When Xian was 8, I enrolled him in summer basketball. During competition, the coach approached me: ‘Ma'am some parents are complaining that Xian is too tall for his age group’ their heads only reached Xian's shoulder. His team always scored because he didn't have to jump to shoot. He only dunked.

“Most parents were ok. But the others? They said their sons who had 'real' potential were intimidated. I turned to the coach and said, ‘Why are you telling me all this? You should have known this would happen when I enrolled Xian.’

“So the coach devised a 'fun-only competition' with Xian. Anyone absent would not be allowed to join the 'for trophy' competition. (where sadly Xian couldn't join this anymore.)

“Years have passed and recently I received DMs from the nice parents, giving Xian their best regards. I asked about the boys with potential. They said no one made it to any league, because the boys didn't grow much.”

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Before ending her post, Mary Anne shared what lesson can be learned from that kind of experience. “We should let our children enjoy their games because interaction at that age is more important than scoring, and more because this is where they first learn the value of unity and friendship.”

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After growing up in the US, Xian returned to the Philippines  to attend college as a basketball scholar at the University of the East in Manila. He eventually joined showbiz in 2009 as one of the stars in Erich Gonzalez’s teleserye Katorse. In 2018, he finally fulfilled his dream of playing professional basketball as part of the Mandaluyong El Tigre squad in a season of the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League which also included celebrity athletes like Gerald Anderson and Derek Ramsay.

Xian has just wrapped up shooting the film The Mourning After starring Devon Seron, Teejay Marquez, and Tart Carlos earlier this month. Xian also stars in the Vivamax film Bahay Na Pula along with co-star Julia Barretto which is set for release next month.