KD Estrada on Alexa Ilacad: 'I'll always treasure Lex'

KD Estrada talks about his solid bond with Alexa Ilacad.

KD Estrada on Alexa Ilacad: 'I'll always treasure Lex'-Toff C.
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01/20/2022 10:29 AM
KD Estrada on Alexa Ilacad: 'I'll always treasure Lex'
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KD Estrada remarked that his strong bond with Alexa Ilacad remains the same even after leaving the Pinoy Big Brother house. 

"It feels like nothing changed with me and her. She became one of my first friends inside the house talaga, because I opened up to her about how I was feeling and, it turns out, she was also going through similar stuff," KD said in an interview with ABS-CBN News. 

In a recent interview, Alexa described KD as her "greatest takeaway" from her Pinoy Big Brother stint. KD remarked that he also feels the same.


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"I’ll always treasure what me and Lex have. I’ll always treasure Lex. That’s what’s healthy about me and Lex, we feed off each other. We have each other as each other’s support. We are each other’s support system. We can do well on our own, but we’re stronger together," he said.

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From addressing her as "ate," netizens noticed KD has started calling Alexa "sweetie" and "baby." When asked when this started, he shared,  "I started with Lex lang. I don't know, I just started to use the terms 'sweetie' [and] 'baby' not just kay Lex, but Lex is a special case. I used it for Shanaia (Gomez). I use it for Samantha (Bernardo). But I don't know with Lex, it's more special, that's what I actually genuinely feel kasi love ko talaga si Alexa eh. She’s always been there eh," he stated. 


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In the same interview, KD also confirmed that he and Alexa will be working together on a music project. 

"I think working with her outside especially here it's gonna be super natural. It's just gonna flow well," he stated.