Nate and Mikki of BGYO test positive for COVID-19

Nate and Mikki are now both in isolation.

Nate and Mikki of BGYO test positive for COVID-19-Toff C.
Toff C.

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01/12/2022 11:24 AM
Nate and Mikki of BGYO test positive for COVID-19
Photo Credits to @bgyo_nate @bgyo_mikki on Instagram

BGYO members Nate and Mikki have tested positive for COVID-19.

An advisory regarding the COVID test results of the two members was posted on BGYO's Twitter page on Tuesday, January 11.

"This is to advise that after antigen and RT PCR tests, BGYO members Nate and Mikki tested positive for the COVID virus," the advisory said.

"Nate is asymptomatic and has since tested negative in his antigen swab. He is awaiting results of his RT PCR swab. Mikki has experienced some symptoms and is recovering. Both are still in isolation," the advisory added.


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The advisory also relayed that half of Team BGYO have contracted the virus and are now recuperating and in isolation in their homes.


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"We are one in praying for the continued healing of everybody affected by this virus. Thank you for your understanding," the advisory said.

Following the advisory, BGYO fans on Twitter extended their well-wishes to the group members.

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"Get well soon @BGYO_Mikki, @BGYO_Nate, and Team BGYO... praying for your fast recovery," one fan said. 

"Get well soon  Mikki and Nate. May God's healing power be upon you. We are praying for the safety and good health of everyone in the BGYO team and the @OFCBGYO_MEMBERS. Keep safe ACEs. God bless us all," another fan commented.