Would Chiz Escudero permit Heart Evangelista to work with Jericho Rosales?

This is what Chiz Escudero has to say.

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09/06/2021 04:02 PM
Would Chiz Escudero permit Heart Evangelista to work with Jericho Rosales?
Photo credit: @iamhearte and @jerichorosalesofficial Instagram

"It’s up to her."

These were the words of Chiz Escudero when asked if he would allow Heart Evangelista to be paired with the latter's former boyfriend Jericho Rosales.

Chiz and Heart were interviewed by Karen Davila in her recent vlog.

"If it will help her. If it will make her grow. Hindi ako selosong tao,” Chiz added.

Meanwhile, Karen asked Heart if there are certain women that she does not want Chiz to work with.

Heart replied, “Honestly, he makes me feel really secure. But because when you talk to him and you get to know this guy, you'll be so surprised na pinipilahan siya ng maraming babae. He's really such a good guy. He's so smart. Conversation is so good and it's so sexy. And his appeal is just on another level."

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She added, "He's not the type to cheat or malandi. He's not at all. In fact the reason why some girls go for him is because he won't make the move. So they have to be really like strong personalities to get him. And there are women that have strong personalities, that are very aggressive."

Karen also asked the couple on what is the secret to staying together forever.

“Leaving should never be an option. A cool-off should never be an option. By hook or by crook, as long as you stay together. Hindi ako naniniwala du’n sa never sleep with an argument unsettled. You can sleep with an argument unsettled kaysa naman mapuyat ka na alas kwatro ng umaga tapos nag-aaway pa rin kayo," Chiz said. 

Chiz and Heart got married in February 2015.