LOOK: Maris Racal introduces new pet dog

Actress-singer Maris Racal is now a ‘fur mom.’

LOOK: Maris Racal introduces new pet dog-Leah Bueno
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09/06/2021 11:13 AM
LOOK: Maris Racal introduces new pet dog
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Actress-singer Maris Racal is now a "fur mom."

On Instagram over the weekend, the "Ate Sandali" hitmaker proudly showed off her new pet dog, a corgi puppy named Shoto.

"I love him so much. He saves my sad days. Sobrang love ko ‘to kahit ayaw niya i-smother ng love and cuddles. I only get to hug him for 5 seconds and then he’s off to his activities. Mana sa akin? Ems. Haha. Seriously, his personality is something else. Ugh, I love you Shoto!!!" she said.



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She also released a vlog documenting the moment she got Shoto back in July. Titled "May anak na ako!", the video also included clips of her buying stuff for her pet dog and bringing him to the vet together with her boyfriend Rico Blanco, whom she referred to as Shoto's "dad."

In her vlog, Maris explained that she named her pet dog after Shu Todoroki, her favorite character from the hit anime My Hero Academia.

She also talked about her experience as a first-time "fur mom", and shared her tip for those who are also planning to get or adopt a pet dog.



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"It has been very, very great. Sobrang natuto talaga ako when it comes to responsibility. Kahit one month pa lang siya sa akin, sobrang dami kong natutunan. 'Yung takeaway ko lang sa experience ko is when you get a dog or when you adopt a dog, make sure na 'yun 'yung time na marami kayong free time. It's either i-time niyo na naka-leave kayo for work or holidays, at least two weeks na marami kang free time kasi 'yun 'yung pinaka-important time para matutukan talaga siya. Because siyempre nag-a-adjust pa siya sa bahay niyo or you guys are getting to know each other pa. And 'yun 'yung sweet spot na time para i-train siya," she said.

"Ang training naman ng dogs, hindi naman one month lang siya. It's a life-long process," she continued. "Kumbaga part na siya ng daily routine mo. 'Yun talaga 'yung pinakanatutunan ko, and I'm very, very happy."