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Is Paulo Avelino the marrying type? ‘I’m always open for marriage’

‘Marry Me Marry You’ star Paulo Avelino shares what would make him say goodbye to singlehood.

Rhea Manila Santos

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09/06/2021 10:23 AM
Is Paulo Avelino the marrying type? ‘I’m always open for marriage’
Photo Credit: @pauavelino Instagram

With his new series Marry Me, Marry You all set to start this month, Paulo Avelino said that unlike his role as the elusive and uptight CEO Andrei, he is actually open to the idea of settling down already in real life. Although he has always kept a low profile on his personal life, the talented actor has been dating longtime girlfriend Jodie Tarasek since 2017.

“It’s really hard to say because sometimes minsan alam mong yun yung taong gusto mong pakasalan but sometimes it turns out sa mga hindi inaasahang pangyayari at mga ganap, hindi nangyayari. But I’m always open for marriage. If I find the right person or if the right time comes. Or if baka nasa tabi mo lang (laughs). But commitment is something else. That’s why it’s called commitment because you’re committing to something special and something you would give a part of you to. If you commit to something, you should decide and you should be decided to be there and stick through your commitment,” he shared during the Marry Me, Marry You mediacon.

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In Marry Me, Marry You, Paulo ends up being paired with new kapamilya actress Janine Gutierrez who admitted in previous interviews that she has always wanted to have Paulo as a leading man. “Nakakakilig din naman when someone wants to work with you kasi madami pa akong hindi nakakatrabaho and pag nabigyan ng chance gusto ko silang makatrabaho at magkaroon man lang ng ibang experience with other people especially in this industry. Pero I’m very happy that I’m working with Janine now and sana hindi ito ang huli,” he said.

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During the mediacon, Paulo also revealed that he and Janine go way back when they were both talents on a different network. “I’ve always wanted to welcome Janine here. Quick trivia, Janine was supposed to be here maybe a few years back tapos nagka-problema lang with something. Tapos nabalitaan ko we have the same manager and management so I got the stories firsthand. When she called, iyak daw ng iyak si Janine kasi hindi daw makakalipat so parang matagal na talagang ginusto ni Janine maging kapamilya. But I’ve always see Janine on magazines or on posts and parang you always wonder how is Janine doing, what is she doing now. Parang it makes you also want to try to work with her because I know she has more to offer and she has been winning awards here and there. When it comes to Janine, I always feel like a manager or someone who also needs to help her to support her all throughout her career,” he added.