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Albert Martinez says he’s not shy to show off his body at 60: ‘I’m still at my prime’

‘The Housemaid’ actor Albert Martinez shares how he took care of co-star Kylie Verzosa during their bed scenes in the film.

Rhea Manila Santos

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09/26/2021 08:59 AM
Albert Martinez says he’s not shy to show off his body at 60: ‘I’m still at my prime’
Screenshot from ABS-CBN Star Cinema YouTube Channel

Even after four decades of being in showbiz, Albert Martinez continues to be offered roles that are normally reserved for actors half his age in the industry. The 60-year-old actor shared why he does not hesitate doing intimate scenes in the ‘90s up to the present time.

“During the time when I did Segurista it was my very first sensitive role and sensitive scene. And I was guided properly by Tikoy Aguiluz that was way back in the ‘90s. With The Housemaid, it was a collaboration between my co-actor Kylie (Verzosa) and our director. We talked about it well. We planned it well. We choreographed it well to be able to convince the public that what we’re doing is real. The pain is real. The act is real. Whatever we’re feeling in that particular moment was real. So a good collaboration made it happen,” he said.

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Working with a co-star half his age, Albert said he was impressed with co-star Kylie Verzosa while working on The Housemaid.

“I believe how it works is to trust my co-actor. I make it a point that they trust me. I make it a point that they believe in me. Kasi it’s really hard when you do a scene na medyo sensitive if your co-actor doesn’t trust you. For her to perform the scene without apprehension and she trusted me and napa-wow ako kasi it turned out so well. It turned out convincing. She played the emotions so well that after the scene everybody parang clapped their hands kasi they were so happy with the scene. Ang nahirapan lang kami of course ito yung situation during the pandemic, ito yung height of the pandemic so we need to work properly and do the scenes well and at the same time protect ourselves kasi we don’t know what’s going to happen so yun ang naging part na mahirap, how to do it so realistic and how to do it so nice and yet still be very careful,” he said.

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Compared to doing intimate scenes when he was younger, Albert said his limitations are still dependent on the quality of material being offered to him.

“Limitations it depends on what kind of role you’re talking about. Like for example The Housemaid is sexy but there is substance so I’m okay with it. But for example the role is just purely sexual and no substance at all maybe I’ll just pass on that particular project. But as far as limitations, physically I’m still active. I just accepted a new project with quite a few action scenes so I’m okay with that. Drama, comedy, I’m still at my prime,” he said.

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Unlike his onscreen role as an employer with servants in The Housemaid, Albert said he is not very dependent on househelp even during his growing up years.

“In my household, we don’t have what you call housemaid. It’s now a house staff na I treat this house like a business and everybody working here is an employee of the business so ganun yung relationship namin dito. Walang mababa. It’s just all of us are working together. I’m very independent as well. Since 1984 hanggang 1991 I lived in the States. Alam mo naman pag tumira ka sa Amerika  you clean the house, wash the car and take care of the dogs and all that so I can live without a helper in the house. I love to drive also especially now with the pandemic, pagdating sa taping or shoot they don’t allow alalays or drivers anymore so I’m getting used to it,” he shared. 

Watch The Housemaid on Vivamax. Starring Kylie Verzosa, Albert Martinez, Jaclyn Jose, Louise Delos Reyes, and Alma Moreno. Directed by Roman Perez.