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  • Nais makatulong ni Dimples Romana sa kanyang mga tagahanga sa pamamagitan ng kanyang #FAhmeelyApproved seal!

Dimples Romana may inilunsad upang makatulong sa iba’t-ibang pamilya

Nais makatulong ni Dimples Romana sa kanyang mga tagahanga sa pamamagitan ng kanyang #FAhmeelyApproved seal!

Dimples Romana may inilunsad upang makatulong sa iba’t-ibang pamilya-Push Team
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09/20/2021 10:38 AM
Dimples Romana may inilunsad upang makatulong sa iba’t-ibang pamilya
Photo Credit: @dimplesromana Instagram

Nais ni Dimples Romana na makatulong sa iba’t-ibang pamilya kaya naman inilunsad niya ang isang #FAhmeelyApproved na layunin ang magbigay ng gabay sa mga produkto at serbisyong aniya’y subok na nila. 



Sa isang Instagram post, sinabi ni Dimples na ang ibabahagi lamang niyang mga produkto na may seal of approval nila ay mga produkto na na dinoble o ginawang triple ang kanilang investment.

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“We hope to give this seal to services we have already tried and enjoyed, products we have been using for years and became a tried and tested #FAhmeelyTradition or products that we just discovered but loved, business and investments that doubled or even tripled our money, have been good partners to us —  honest, careful and proactive in making our money investment with them grow, people or group of people who inspire us and continue to empower us as a FAhmeely. Anything and everything under the sun that hopefully will also make your FAMILY lives easier, smarter, more meaningful, extra abundant and inspired,” ani Dimples. 



Ani pa ni Dimples, gusto niyang mabawasan ang stress ng mga taong sumusuporta sa kanya kaya niya ito ginawa. 

“Para bawas stress na din sa inyo sa life! STRESS - We all do not need it and definitely don’t deserve it! Kaya this #FAhmeelyApproved seal can be your informal and fun guide in making decisions for yourself and your family,” ani Dimples.

Pagpapatuloy pa niya: “This SEAL of approval is basically our way of answering all your daily questions about the people we deal with and the services we use at home and in our businesses and the products that our FAhmeely loves.”

Samantala, nilinaw naman ni Dimples na maaaring hindi maging parehas ang maging karanasan ng kanyang mga tagahanga sa i-eendorso niyang produkto ngunit sinabi niyang magbibigay umano ito ng kaalaman sa tagumpay ng kanilang pamilya. 

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“Not all will of course have the same exact experience like ours and may differ depending on how you relate to them, make use of the products or even how circumstances change from day to day. There really are no guarantees naman in life,” ani Dimples. 



Pagpapatuloy pa niya: “But know that when we give this seal, it comes from the current knowledge our FAhmeely has and our own personal experiences of the services, products, business investments and people.” 

“And hopefully this will give you insights as to how you may also go through life and its daily victories and struggles. Let it be your guide BUT in the end, only you will be able to make all this work for you and your fam,” sey pa ni Dimples. 

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Saad pa niya: “No strings attached, no unrealistic goals, no guarantees JUST plain, fun and easy way of how our FAhmeely operates. This seal hopefully will bring to light amazing small businesses, inspiring individuals and groups and FAhmeely Approved product and experience discoveries.”



Ipinaliwanag din ni Dimples, kaya FAhmeely dahil Ahmee ang apelyido ng kanyang asawa na si Boyet. Kaya naman 2003 ang taon na nilagay nila sa pagkakalunsad nito dahil ito ang taong kinasal silang dalawa.