Sandara Park reveals she is coming up with a name for her fandom

Sandara Park shared some exciting news to her fans. 

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09/16/2021 06:52 PM
Sandara Park reveals she is coming up with a name for her fandom
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Sandara Park sparked excitement among her fans with one of her recent social media updates. 

According to the Korean star, she is now deciding on the name of her fandom. She shared that it has been taking a while as she wants to find the perfect name for them. 

"I’m working on coming up with the perfect name for my perfect fans that also truly expresses who I am NOW, so it’s taking me time to find the right one," she said. 



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She added, "Please be patient and hang in there for me. You guys and I are the perfect match so I want the perfect name!!!" 

Sandara Park signs with new agency, now part of ABYSS Company

Sandara also announced that Dara TV will return soon. 

Various fans were quick to express their excitement about Sandara's update. 



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"OMG ATIIII We can’t wait for it!!!😍😍😍 So excited for whatever it is Ati we will be happy and grateful!😍 Fighting Atiii Nolza!!!😍💓💓💓 Mahal ka namin😘," one netizen said. 
"Dara's fan will have a name. So excited," another netizen commented. 

Sandara's update about her fandom's name came two weeks after it was announced that she is now part of a ABYSS Company.