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Heart Evangelista addresses speculations she’s spending Chiz Escudero’s money

Heart Evangelista says she uses her own money to buy the things she wants for herself.

Heart Evangelista addresses speculations she’s spending Chiz Escudero’s money-Push Team
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08/29/2021 04:51 PM
Heart Evangelista addresses speculations she’s spending Chiz Escudero’s money
Screenshot from Karen Davila YouTube Channel

Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero admitted that they faced a lot of problems with the former’s spending habits. 

In an interview with ABS-CBN broadcast journalist Karen Davila, the couple opened up about the struggles in their six-year marriage. 

While Heart admitted she felt bothered each time she hears somebody doubt whether their marriage would last or not, Heart said she eventually learned how to brush off comments from other people. 

Heart said: “Before, I was bothered. Parang ‘Why?’ Ganyan ganyan. But then, we’re just very happy with life. So sometimes, parang hayaan mo. Po-problemahin pa ba natin ‘yan?” 

In the said vlog, the couple also shared the struggles their marriage faced in the past six years. 

According to Chiz, he has always struggled with how Heart spends the money she earns. 

“For her to learn discipline and maturity with respect to the money she earns and spends,” he said. In her defense, Heart said: “I understand. I get it now.” 

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Heart also addressed speculations that the money she’s using to spend on the things she likes comes from her husband Chiz. 

“Oh wow. My God. It’s funny,” Heart said. To which Chiz responded with: “Isa nga ‘yan sa pinag-aawayan namin eh. 

Heart then added by saying: “But we’re opposites. Like we’re totally not [the same]. Like when I shop, napipikon siya sa akin before. But not anymore.” 

She went on: Napipikon siya sa akin like he’s say, ‘Ilang bibig na ang napakain mo diyan?’ Gaganunin niya ako. Sapatos lang ‘yun. So, siyempre, I’d hide everything, right?” “And then she complains afterwards,” Chiz added. 

Heart then reacted by saying she considers spending on the things she likes as her love language. 

“Kasi nga we’re so different, ‘di ba? My parents also, they like to shop. It’s like if you do something na maganda, they’ll reward you with something nice. So, ‘yun ‘yung language of love ko din,” she said. 

But Heart said it pisses her off each time she doesn’t get the kind of reaction she wants from Chiz. 

Heart said: “Even for me, I like to gift him with stuff. Pero siya, I don’t get the reaction I want. It pisses me off. Naiinis ako. Ba’t ganun? Hindi ba siya nagki-care or something?” 

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But Heart said she wants people to know that she doesn’t use the money of her husband to buy the things she wants for herself. 

“It’s really in the beginning. Dun kami nagbabanggaan. Pero like when people say na he spends for me, no, not at all. But if there’s anything that I want them to know is, I mean I make my own.” 

“We have a prenup. What’s hers is hers, what’s mine is mine,” Chiz revealed. 

Heart also made it clear that contrary to what other people think, she isn’t “crazy rich.” 

“I’m not crazy rich. It’s just that I’ve been working for a long time. Pero meron din ako sa sarili ko,” she said. 

She added by saying she wanted a prenup to prove that she’s not using Chiz for his money. 

“And the only reason why is because I think para malinis. I also wanted him to feel na hindi ko siya gagamitin,” she said. 

Heart revealed that she also spends on the kids of Chiz and even sets aside pieces of jewelry that they could use in the future. 

“Plus, he also has two kids. Gusto ko din, in a way, na ma-appreciate ng kids niya na they will be protected. But in case, kung ano man mangyari, what is mine is theirs, too,” she said.