Pia Wurtzbach champions Filipino design in ‘Vogue Italia’ feature

Pia Wurtzbach is featured in ‘Vogue Italia’.

Pia Wurtzbach champions Filipino design in ‘Vogue Italia’ feature-Toff C.
Toff C.

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08/28/2021 11:40 AM
Pia Wurtzbach champions Filipino design in ‘Vogue Italia’ feature
Credit: Vogue Italia/MJ Suayan/Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach is featured in the latest issue of Vogue Italia.

On Instagram, the beauty queen shared her snapshots from the magazine featuring the clothes made by Filipino weavers.

"A glimpse at Indigenous Futurism. For me, this is Philippine indi-GENIUS! We focus and shine the light on our weavers from Lih'han Di Immipugo of Kiangan, Ifugao @lihhan_di_immipugo. This is a look at our culture into the future: of what could have been, and what it could still be," she posted on social media.

Pia remarked that there is still much to see and learn from our ever-evolving culture.

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"From every Filipino’s heART and soul. Everything is intertwined and in fashion, it’s inspiring when different creatives come together — from weavers to designers to artists to photographers. New stories arise from each concept piece, each photo output," she said.

Pia said that she hopes that our traditions will be preserved as we move forward and evolve.

"I hope this doesn’t end with us just feeling inspired. It’s a start though. I hope we will always support each other’s artistry and creativity. I hope we can learn to preserve and continue traditions so we can weave them into our future," she said.

"It is with pride that I can wear my country’s stories as pieces of art. I hope every Filipino does too!" she added. 

Pia's photos for Vogue Italia were shot by MJ Suayan.