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Miriam Quiambao reveals struggles with breastfeeding

Celebrity mom Miriam Quiambao shares her experience dealing with mastitis earlier this month.

Miriam Quiambao reveals struggles with breastfeeding-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/26/2021 11:27 AM
Miriam Quiambao reveals struggles with breastfeeding
Photo Credit: @miriamq888 Instagram

After giving birth to her second child Ezekiel Isiah ‘Ziki’ Roberto last July 12, Miriam Quiambao shared how she suffered an infection in her breast tissue after her eldest son Elijah accidentally elbowed her breast earlier this month. Miriam suffered from mastitis, a condition that can occur when one breast becomes swollen and inflamed while breastfeeding. 

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Sharing a photo of herself in obvious pain, Miriam wrote, “This was me a couple of nights ago when I was suffering from mastitis and I was making Baby Ziki suck on the affected breast to drain the blocked duct.

“Earlier that afternoon, Elijah was snuggling against me and accidentally elbowed my breast. By early evening, my breast was engorged, warm, sore and tender and by 9pm I was starting to feel feverish. I texted my Ob/Gyne @dr.beckysingson of my plight and she suggested to take a paracetamol and quadruple my intake of advanced omega pills to help reduce inflammation.

“Getting the baby to drain my breast was SUPER PAINFUL that I really winced in pain and teared up at some point but it had to be done. Took this photo as a reminder of that night. By God’s grace, now, I feel much better.”



In the same post, the 46-year-old former beauty queen and inspirational speaker shared how she got through the whole ordeal and also shared some words of advice to her Instagram followers.

She added, “I reminded myself that I’ve been through worse pain before (spiritual, emotional, mental, financial, physical… such as the pain from my suture post-CS). Surely, even this, I can handle with God’s grace. I don’t know what challenges you are facing—whether you are a breastfeeding mom like me or if you suffering through depression, a physical, financial, emotional or spiritual challenge.  Know that God will never give you a challenge that you cannot handle. His grace is always sufficient and you can rely on Him to give you the strength you need at any given time.
“’I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength.’ - Phil. 4:13”

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Miriam and her husband, Christian author and inspirational speaker Ardy Roberto, got married in March 2014. The couple have two sons named Elijah and Ezekiel. Miriam was previously married to Italian businessman Claudio Rondinelli from 2004 until 2006.