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Robi Domingo reveals why he didn’t pursue acting: ‘It’s just not for me’

Robi Domingo talks about being able to continue hosting even during a pandemic.

Robi Domingo reveals why he didn’t pursue acting: ‘It’s just not for me’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/20/2021 09:37 AM
Robi Domingo reveals why he didn’t pursue acting: ‘It’s just not for me’
Photo Credit: @iamrobidomingo Instagram

Even though it’s been more than a decade since he gave up his dreams of becoming a doctor in order to pursue a career in showbiz, Robi Domingo admitted he has his regrets not becoming a doctor especially now during the pandemic when more frontliners are needed.

“My friends are—truth be told—they’re not happy with the system anymore. They’re super tired. Some of my medical college batch mates are super exhausted. They feel bad with all the policies and parang it’s never ending. They signed up to serve pero right now they’re heroes so I really salute them and maybe in another world siguro I would’ve given myself in the medical field. Before may mga regrets ako,” he shared in an interview with host G3 San Diego on Live With G3 on Instagram last August 16. 

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Coming from a family of doctors, Robi said that he has learned to not regret his career decision.

“When my friends were taking the Hippocratic oath and then nakukuha na nila yung mga license nila, sumama yung pakiramdam ko kasi again, existentialism question na naman. Parang inisip ko, tama ba yung ginawa ko? May purpose ba yung ginawa ko?

“You know my mom is a doctor, my dad is a doctor, my lolo is a doctor. I would love to follow the footsteps of my lolo in Bacolod and become an ophthalmologist. My cousins are doctors. And yet, who is going to continue the legacy? So parang I was thinking more about them. But at the end of the day, I thought, ‘Hey doctors could wear white coats and serve people.’ Right now I can wear different coats and yet be in the service of the Filipino,” he said on Live With G3.

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After joining Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus in 2008, Robi also discovered that acting was not on his career path as well after being part of Star Cinema movies like Cinco, Paano Na Kaya? and Won’t Last A Day Without You.

“I think it’s just not for me. I’m very energetic. You can’t put me in one place. And also number one is that the working hours parang I can’t be in one tent trying to memorize one script and trying to analyze my character. I can’t put on one mask lang. Parang honestly as a host, I become myself, I become a writer, I become a director, I became like a talent coordinator and just play around. Pero kasi sa acting hirap na hirap ako sa hugot. Until now awkward ako sa dancing. Ang rason kung bakit ako nakakasayaw, kulang ng tao (laughs). Someone has to do it. I’m just appreciative of all the time and the trust given to me,” he recalled.

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Unlike other members of the entertainment business who have been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic, Robi considered himself blessed to be continually given hosting opportunities in shows like PBB, Game KNB? and Aja! Aja! Tayo Sa Jeju. But the 31-year-old host said it’s more than just about the money for him.

“It’s not really about the income right now. I have this paradigm shift. I had this certain perspective. Now more than ever I’m hungrier kasi I want to help more people who are displaced. I try to do my best to find jobs for them as well kasi more than the actual job, it’s the people in the team, in the family na concerned ako about. My hearts goes out to the people who are really kapamilyas,” he said.