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Paulo Avelino reacts to being called ‘pakilig’ online

‘Marry Me Marry You’ star Paulo Avelino shares why he suddenly invited fans to a virtual drinking session via Twitter earlier this month.

Paulo Avelino reacts to being called ‘pakilig’ online-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


08/19/2021 02:52 PM
Paulo Avelino reacts to being called ‘pakilig’ online
Photo Credit: @pauavelino Instagram

While some Pinoy celebrities openly share their lives on social media, some choose to keep the more personal details to a minimum. Just like Marry Me, Marry You star Paolo Avelino who posts mostly about his current projects and an occasional photo of his 11-year-old son Ethan Akio with former girlfriend LJ Reyes.

But lately, the 33-year-old actor has been showing a different side of himself online especially on Twitter where he recently tweeted to his 2.4 million followers about looking for someone to do a virtual drinking session with earlier this month. 





Paulo talked about this recent interaction with fans in a Live with G3 interview with writer G3 San Diego last August 16 on Instagram.

“Right now I’m really bored so puro workout na lang. Never rin naman talaga ako lumalabas ng bahay unless magmo-motor ako nung time na pre-pandemic. Pero minsan kailangan talaga ng social interaction eh kasi nakakabaliw lang talaga. Actually medyo inconsistent yung mga iniinom ko. May times na gusto ko puro wine, may times na nag-bi-beer ka lang ng nag-bi-beer.

“I like drinking in quiet places. I like drinking with people I know. Pero masaya siya. In all fairness tame naman yung mga tao tapos nag-re-raise sila ng hand sa Zoom. Ang galing galing. Dapat nung una makikinig lang ako eh pero ang gulo kasi masyado kasi walang nag-cu-curate,” he said. 



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With his fans both surprised and entertained with his engaging tweets which is so different from his posts on Instagram, Paulo would like to explain why he seems more open to interaction on one social media platform and not the other.

“It’s not really a persona. It’s everyday life. I think kaya maraming replies or retweets it’s because people can relate to it. Kumbaga, hindi lang ako yung nag-iisang ganun. Marami tayo. If you try to look at the kids now, they talk like that. They’re straightforward. It’s not really about speaking their language, it’s like adding your humor to their language,” he told host G3 San Diego.

In real life, the Marry Me Marry You actor said he is not the type to be ‘pakilig’ contrary to what his fans may assume from their interactions with him online.

“Parang hindi ako ganun. When I meet someone especially if I meet someone I like, parang I try to get to know the person more at the same time I try to be to get to know them as me as I could, without any pretentions, without any pa-sosyal or anything. It’s just like bare me. So they know ano yung pinapasok nila (laughs),” he explained. 

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With millions of fans on social media following his every move, Pau shared the lengths some of them would go to.

“Tame naman yung mga Paunatics. Meron lang akong nadaanan before na pinapakulam daw ako. Bale parang di naman effective. Kulam as in galit yata na kulam. But I wouldn’t say that it’s obsessive or something like that in that manner. Kumbaga I’m sure 70-80% sa kanila nang-ti-trip na lang din. Kumbaga sumasakay na lang din. They reply something witty and other people would read it then they’ll find it funny. It’s more about spreading good vibes,” he said. 

When asked if it was possible for him to ever fall in love with a fan, the Kapamilya actor shared what he thinks of the idea. “Well di malabong mangyari. I would never limit myself when it comes to love. If the person’s for you then she’s for you,” he added.