Iza Calzado shares biggest learnings as she turns 39

Read Iza Calzado’s 39th birthday post.

Iza Calzado shares biggest learnings as she turns 39-Toff C.
Toff C.

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08/13/2021 03:06 PM
Iza Calzado shares biggest learnings as she turns 39
Photo Credit: @missizacalzado Instagram

To celebrate her 39th birthday, Iza Calzado took to social media to share her realizations as she turned a year older.

"Thirty Nine. The past year has challenged me so much on so many levels yet here I am, alive and grateful to be so as I celebrate my birthday," she wrote on her Instagram page.

According to Iza, one of her massive learnings was accepting every aspect of herself.

"One of the biggest lessons for me has been learning to embrace every aspect of my being, not just the qualities that I like but more so the ones that are difficult to love and accept. My imperfections and the shadows within," she said.



She added, "Practicing self-compassion has been helpful and I must say it made me become more compassionate towards others. At the root of it all is self-love. Working on having a better understanding of what it means to me. Working on my sense of self-worth, my being enough. Filling my cup first before giving to others. Only then can I truly be happy and have peace in my heart."

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According to Iza, being aware of the "darkness within and around me" has allowed her to create "more light from within and around me."



She remarked, "Tapping into the limitless light inside all of us which comes from the source whom I call God. So grateful for every step (and misstep) of mine He has supported and guided that has led me exactly to where I am today. I celebrate this present moment, this gift of my existence and evolution today. I wish the same for you."