Heart Evangelista meets her Vogue family in New York

Heart Evangelista is part of Vogue 100.

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08/12/2021 05:59 PM
Heart Evangelista meets her Vogue family in New York
Photo credit: @iamhearte IG

Heart Evangelista met her Vogue family in New York City.

The actress and fashion icon shared her snapshot with Vogue's Chioma Nnadi and Ian Malone alongside fashion designer Mark Bumgarner and celebrity fashion stylist Katrina Cruz on her Instagram page on Wednesday, August 11. 

"Well-spent afternoon with my @voguemagazine family," Heart posted.



Heart recently travelled to New York with Mark and Katrina. 

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Heart is a member of Vogue 100 which is described by Vogue as "a curated list of distinctive creative voices from around the globe, encompassing actors, artists, musicians, athletes, stylists, activists, chefs, choreographers, videographers, beauty fanatics, glamour girls, and wonderful weirdos of every stripe."