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Pia Wurtzbach recalls how she met Jeremy Jauncey by chance

Pia Wurtzbach opened up about her ‘marupok’ moment when she met her boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey.

Pia Wurtzbach recalls how she met Jeremy Jauncey by chance -Push Team
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08/11/2021 06:00 PM
Pia Wurtzbach recalls how she met Jeremy Jauncey by chance
Photo credit: @piawurtzbach IG

Pia Wurtzbach revealed what she did when she met her now-boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey by chance in the UK. 



While the Miss Universe 2015 titleholder has previously opened up about her boyfriend in a magazine interview last year, she hasn’t really given specific details about bumping into him in London, except, well, they bumped into each other. 

Speaking to BJ Pascual, Pia revealed that the two met at a popular shopping and entertainment hub met by chance while the beauty queen-actress was vacationing in the UK. 

“Umuwi ako nu’n para i-surprise ‘yung Mama ko for her birthday. Tapos umuwi na rin ako ng Pilipinas after a few days tapos nakita niya ako. ‘Yun ang maganda du’n. Nakita niya ako,” she remarked. 

Apparently, the two of them almost met each other at different occasions in the past. 

“Pero we already know of each other kasi siyempre kasi fina-follow ko naman ‘yung Beautiful Destinations kahit hindi ko pa siya nakilala. And nakailang beses na rin siya pumunta ng Pilipinas. And meron na kaming parang muntik na mag-meet pero hindi lang natutuloy. Parang ganun,” she said. 

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“Nu’ng umuwi siya ng Philippines, 2016. And nasa New York siya tapos reigning Miss Universe din ako nu’ng time na ‘yun. May event din na pareho kaming nandu’n. Pero, hindi lang nangyayari,” she added. 

While she tried to play it cool, Pia admitted she couldn’t resist gushing over Jeremy whom she immediately found handsome. 

“So, parang I know of him and he knows of me tapos du’n na kami nagkakilala sa Covent Garden sa UK. Tapos playing it cool ako pero hiyang-hiya talaga ako kasi sobrang siyempre, naga-gwapuhan ako sa kanya,” she said. 



What Pia liked about Jeremy was his approach which didn’t seem like he was hitting on her. 

“Super friendly naman siya. It didn’t come off as parang nag-approach. Kasi ‘di ba may ganun parang may nag-approach tapos mafi-feel mo na this guy is just trying to hit on you. It wasn’t like that at all naman,” she said. 

But Pia said she agreed to have coffee with him. Having felt at ease and comfortable around him, she also gave her number to him right away. 

“Wuw. Pero pumayag naman ako agad mag-kape ‘di ba? Pero magaan din kasi ang vibe niya. So, hindi ko naman na-feel ‘yun. And then, I still have a few days there. So, nagmi-message kami. So, binigay ko na din pala number ko” she said. 

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Pia also recalled asking Jeremy to spend New Year with her while she was in the UK. 

“Nag-dinner kami nung last day ko bago ako umuwi ng UK. Tapos after namin mag-dinner, tinanong niya ako kung ano’ng plano ko for Christmas. Sabi ko, ‘Oh I’m just going to be here in the UK,” she said. 

She added: “I’ll spend it with my family. Tapos sabi niya, sakto, ‘I’ll be in Scotland.’ UK pa din naman, pero medyo malayo lang. Sabi ko ‘You want to spend New Year’s together?’ Ako talaga ‘yung nagtanong.” 



“Tapos sabi niya, ‘Yes.’ Actually, iniisip niya nga daw ‘yun. Ganyan. Tapos plinano na niya lahat. Tapos pinuntahan niya pa pala ako bago nangyari ‘yung New Year [event] na ‘yun,” she continued. 

While they met several times before spending their first New Year’s Eve together, Pia said meeting Jeremy in the UK started it all for the two of them. 

“So, nagkita pa kami a few times before that. But it really all started in the UK. And really by chance,” she said. 

Watch the video below: 

In the same vlog, Pia also talked about how being in a long-distance relationship with Jeremy was never part of the plan and that it just happened.