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Hyun Bin reveals most memorable part of filming ‘Crash Landing On You’

After Son Ye-jin, it's Hyun Bin’s turn to entertain fan questions through ‘Smart Hallyu Hangouts.’

Gary Ann Lastrilla

Instagram: @iamgaryann


08/01/2021 08:35 AM
Hyun Bin reveals most memorable part of filming ‘Crash Landing On You’
Photo credit: @netflixph Instagram

After Son Ye-jin, Filipino fans had the chance to interact and get to know more about Korean star Hyun Bin during Smart Hallyu Hangouts on Saturday, July 31.

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During the program, Hyun Bin was asked about his experience shooting the well-loved K-drama series Crash Landing On You (CLOY), which ran from late 2019 to early 2020.

He played the role of Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, a North Korean soldier, who crossed paths with a wealthy South Korean businesswoman named Yoon Se-ri, played by actress Son Ye-jin.

Although the actor said that he has not watched the show after the shoot, he is aware of its popularity in the Philippines where it topped Netflix Philippines' trending list for quite a while.

Given his character in the series, he had to learn to speak with a North Korean accent. However, this was not the first time that he took on such a role as he played a North Korean agent in the 2017 film Confidential Assignment. 

He said, "It was hard indeed. But both on Crash Landing On You and Confidential Assignment, I speak Pyongyang dialect. I learned that the dialect can be different, depending on the profession of the speaker. So even though I spoke the dialect on Confidential Assignment, I had to learn the accent all over again.

"But the second time was easier because I have done it before. I felt comfortable. It was easier for me to approach it," he added. 

Furthermore, one of Captain Ri's significant qualities on the show was his love for playing the piano. During the Hallyu Hangouts, he revealed that he learned to play the musical instrument when he was little. However, he forgot about it as he grew older, and had to re-learn it to be able to play it in the series.

"I learned how to play the piano when I was little. But I had to practice again to shoot this," he said, referring to the brief CLOY scene played on the program. 

"I used to when I was little, but I haven't been playing for a while. I haven't been playing for so long I forgot everything. But because of that scene, I had to play the piano. So I practiced that piece. That scene was filmed in Switzerland. As you know, there aren't pianos in hotel rooms. So we brought the piano from Korea. We brought a digital piano all the way to Switzerland so I could practice in my room. Then we shot the scene," the actor added.

Meanwhile, the host asked Hyun Bin, "I'm sure there are many episodes from the shoot. Could you share the most memorable one with us? From Crash Landing On You," to which he replied, "Well, we filmed it in many places, and I think that's the most memorable."

"We had to film it in the places where you can't see skyscrapers due to the story so we often traveled to the countryside, and even abroad sometimes."

"I found the story new and interesting. I found it interesting from the beginning," Hyun Bin said.