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‘He’s Into Her writer’ Vanessa Valdez’s message to the cast: ‘I’m hoping hindi lumaki yung mga ulo niyo’

‘He’s Into Her’ writer Vanessa Valdez has advice for the young cast.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


07/31/2021 11:49 AM
‘He’s Into Her writer’ Vanessa Valdez’s message to the cast: ‘I’m hoping hindi lumaki yung mga ulo niyo’
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He’s Into Her writer Vanessa Valdez spoke about the show’s finale which aired July 30.

“We just finished editing episode 10 and while we were watching it, alam namin pag napanuod ng fans sobrang ma-e-enjoy nila yung episode 10. I encourage the fans to watch until the very, very last frame kasi feeling namin kikiligin sila, maghahampasan sila kung may katabi sila and at the same time, maiiyak sila. Meron ring ma-sa-shock sila na part, may exciting din na part. So alam namin yung reaction that we want to get out of the fans.

“So that’s how we edited it. Because all of us are hoping for a second season, we encourage the fans to please pray for that. We had to edit it in a way that it’s worth waiting for a second season kung magkakaroon nyan. Yung naghahanap ng kilig at excitement hindi kayo ma-di-disappoint pag pinanuod niyo siya,” she shared during the show’s finale blogcon. 

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Looking back on the show which she first started working on in 2019, the He’s Into Her writer said she has always had a clear vision of the series based on the popular Wattpad books of the same name.

“From the very beginning naman, we knew the story that we wanted to tell. We wanted the series to be different but still very much enjoyable experience from the book that it was based on. So we had to tweak some elements in the story so that it would be more suitable to the medium.

“So given na yung mga elemento na kailangan namin idagdag sa kuwento para maging exciting siya at mas watchable siya during the course of ten weeks. We knew na kailangan bongga yung episode 10. Kung bongga yung episode one kailangan mas bongga yung episode 10. We had to end on a high note,” she explained.

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After working with a cast composed of the newer generation of love teams like DonBelle and KaoRhys, Vanessa said she is proud of their cast.

“These kids were not the people I thought I’d be working with in 2021. When this project was given to me, I wasn’t sure if we could pull it off. I wasn’t sure exactly how we were going to do it. But I’m so glad that the project landed on my lap and these were the people we chose to work with. I’m so glad and proud of Chad (Vidanes) that did all the hard work to make this happen. I’ve seen him grow too as a storyteller and as a professional also. Ang suwerte suwerte namin mabait yung director namin. Hindi lahat ng director kasi willing makinig sa writer, willing makinig sa producer pag meron silang vision for the project that they want,” she recalled.

Now that the show has ended, Vanessa shared some words of advice for the cast. “I’m hoping hindi lumaki yung mga ulo niyo. I’m hoping na gagaling lang kayo lalo sa craft niyo and that you never forget how this all began and how once upon a time you had people believe in you and I’m hoping you inspire also other people with that belief and trust that we gave you. I’m just so proud of them and I’m so happy that even if this wasn’t the thing I wanted, this was the thing I needed and I needed to meet these people at this point in my life and at this point in their life. i just feel so blessed,” she added.