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Shaina Magdayao plans to start a clothing and lifestyle brand

Shaina Magdayao talks about her personal style and how it influenced her very own clothing line.

Shaina Magdayao plans to start a clothing and lifestyle brand-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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07/28/2021 07:37 PM
Shaina Magdayao plans to start a clothing and lifestyle brand
Photo credit: @ shaina_magdayao IG

Five months after launching her bag business Organized Chicas, Shaina Magdayao revealed she and her high school friend and business partner Nikki Medina are already expanding into a clothing and lifestyle brand.

“Organized Chicas is an extension of who I really am. It’s really classic. Nothing too fashion forward. We all know that trends come and go. I’m more of the quality kind of person. And I mean everything, with the things that I use, the things that I personally buy. I’m more into timeless pieces and classic pieces. I look for good quality. And being the sustainable brand that we are, it’s also environment-friendly. And very [easy] to use especially now during the pandemic, it’s hygienic also,” she said.

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After two decades in showbiz, the FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano actress said she felt it was the right time to start her own business apart from their family-owned line of salons.

“With Ystilo Salon it started with my sisters. So I saw talaga na kailangan merong tumututok, which was my eldest sister si Sheila. And then meron ding tututok sa marketing. Kumbaga kanya kanya kayo ng core. Kanya kanya kayo ng strength and at the end of the day kailangan mag-complement yun and aligned kayo kahit papaano and I saw that in my sisters’ management. And they also taught me that I really have to do this well because ako pumasok ako sa Ystilo I just invested in some of the branches and our company after a couple of years.  Siguro it’s about time din that I opened up myself more than anything. This brand is me,” she explained.

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Shaina said that the clothes they will sell are clothes she actually wears and is from her own personal style.

“Siguro kasi lagi akong nakaayos and so after ilang years of just doing that na-develop ko yung style ko. Now I know my core. I’m not trendy. I actually go against trends. Whatever feels right and feels nice sa katawan ko, whatever it is that makes me feel good.

“Kumbaga like sa tela I like linen because gusto ko presko especially nasa tropical country tayo. But also you can dress it up. Puwede mo siya i-accessorize. It’s actually a reflection of who I am.

“Our bags are not super trendy and hindi kakaiba yung itsura but it’s very sustainable and functional. If I were a customer yun yung titingnan ko and the functionality of the bag.

“So I guess more than anything, kumbaga parang I’m just really opening up to everyone kung sino and ano ako and the things that I use. If people find it useful then I’m grateful. It’s also very timeless. It’s like good quality linen. Nothing too trendy. maybe the clothes that I would personally wear. So it’s very resort wear. It’s perfect for tropical countries like the Philippines and it’s also I’m very proud to say locally sourced, locally made, and locally designed. It’s our own little way of helping people during the pandemic and that’s why we are very grateful for the support. Because if it weren’t for buyers and Organized Chicas customers, we wouldn’t be expanding this early.”

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Starting a business for the first time, Shaina said she and her business partner had a lot of learning to do.

“Since wala naman kaming background, we did not know na yung tabas pala merong iba iba yung thickness. And so ganun lang naman, very minimal. And more than anything I guess, yung crucial was the decision making if we were going to push through with the expansion. And so parang nakaka-overwhelm kasi na in just five months we turned into a lifestyle brand. But I guess if it’s an extension of who you are hindi ka malilito with what you do,” she said.

Currently seen on the long-running series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Shaina says she is now making a conscious effort to always be thankful for her blessings.

“Yung buhay natin, to be very blunt, I used to be always on call. So my routine changes kapag may trabaho ako at pag walang trabaho. One thing is consistent , it’s my morning meditation. It’s my 15 minute audio meditation that I listen to every morning to start my day. And then that meditation ends with a prayer. So I try to not hold my phone for like 30 minutes upon waking up. Just to gather my thoughts and pinangungunahan ko na, nagpapasalamat na ako na my day will be great. Like I always claim, thank you for the blessings for another day. I always kumbaga thank you na simula pa lang ng araw. So those are my non-negotiables which are my prayer time and the 15 minute audio video. The rest, on a roll na,” she added.