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Former ‘PBB’ housemate Fumiya Sankai stars in Japanese film

Former ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ housemate Fumiya Sankai is set to star in a Japanese film.

Former ‘PBB’ housemate Fumiya Sankai stars in Japanese film-PUSH TEAM

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07/02/2021 03:05 PM
Former ‘PBB’ housemate Fumiya Sankai stars in Japanese film
Photo Credit: @23shun_base Instagram

Former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Fumiya Sankai said he misses the Philippines.



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In an interview with Star Magic Inside News, Fumiya revealed he has been busy doing an acting project. 

According to Fumiya, he played himself in a Japanese short film shot in his home country. 

“I’m good. And ano, recently, I joined a short film dito sa Japan,” Fumiya revealed. “The name of my character is Fumiya. He is very Fumiya. Kasi, the actor said my character is good. My personality is nice. That’s why, just be yourself,” he added. 

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Sharing his experience while doing the short film, Fumiya said it felt different throwing his lines as it was first time to play a character with Japanese as the main language used. 

“Actually, this is my first time acting in Japan. I’ve been acting in English and Tagalog pero the Japanese is first time. Deep inside, parang iba ang feeling,” he said.  

“It’s weird kasi parang sanay na ako magsalita ng Tagalog and English during acting, ‘di ba? Pero suddenly, the script is all Japanese,” he added. 

While he had already requested the production team behind the short film to also release one with English subtitles, the one available online is only in Japanese. 



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“Sa ngayon, the short film will air online. Pero only Japanese language. That’s why I asked them to please put English subtitles so that Filipinos can watch,” he said. 

He also shared how much he misses Team LAYF composed of himself as well as former PBB housemates Lou Yanong, Andre Brouilette, and Yamyam Gucong. 

“‘I’m still checking your social media. I miss you guys talaga. I want to gala-gala with you guys talaga’,” he said, talking to Team LAYF. 

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On who he misses the most, he said: “I miss Yamyam. Chika-chika ‘di ba? We are very chismis, ‘di ba? I miss my fans and all the Filipinos talaga. Kasi ‘di ba, I haven’t gone back to the Philippines for a long time. Almost one year and six months. 

Meanwhile, Fumiya also revealed he sometimes worries that Filipinos might forget about him. 

“Sometimes I worry kasi baka many Filipinos will forget about me. Parang I feel like that,” he stated.  

Watch the video below: 

Fumiya Sankai, a Japanese vlogger who joined Pinoy Big Brother: Otso in 2019, became the first-ever pure Japanese housemate in the reality TV show.  

Dubbed "Konnichi-Wonder Vlogger ng Japan,” Fumiya emerged as the 5th big placer in the competition.