Will Toni Gonzaga enter politics?

Here’s what Toni Gonzaga has to say.

Will Toni Gonzaga enter politics?-Kristhoff Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape

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07/18/2021 12:36 PM
Will Toni Gonzaga enter politics?
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In his SuperHuman podcast interview with Toni Gonzaga, Wil Dasovich asked the television host if she has plans of entering politics in the future.

In response, Toni said, "I don't see myself in politics right now or anytime soon. But I don't wanna say... Never say never di ba?"

Toni added, "But in my heart right now, I don't feel like that is something that I should be doing. That's what I feel."

Wil also asked Toni if she avoids interviewing politicians in her show.

The host said, "This is where I stand, I don't categorize the people I interview. I look at all of them as people who have stories to share."



Toni has a segment on her YouTube channel called Toni Talks.

She added, "No matter how bad the person is, no matter how good the person is, no matter how cancelled the person is in the society, every single person in this planet has a powerful story to tell. And no matter how bad their story is, we can always learn from that person."