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Alessandra de Rossi makes her directorial debut in ‘My Amanda’: ‘Tatlong beses ako na-ospital’

‘My Amanda’ actress and director Alessandra De Rossi talks about her new film with Piolo Pascual.

Rhea Manila Santos

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07/16/2021 09:08 AM
Alessandra de Rossi makes her directorial debut in ‘My Amanda’: ‘Tatlong beses ako na-ospital’
Photo credit: @msderossi Instagram

With her film My Amanda now available for streaming on Netflix, Alessandra de Rossi revealed it was not easy starring, directing, writing, and being one of the producers in her directorial debut project.

Siguro yung challenging is you do it all together all at the same time. Wala na sigurong mas challenging pa doon. Pero gusto kong ulitin but after of course I see the results (laughs).

“Gusto ko ulitin maging director na hindi ako actor kasi hindi ko talaga na-enjoy yung experience as a director. Kasi wala ka dun sa monitor tapos you feel the scene. Kasi ako wala eh, preview na lang pinapanuod ko tapos walang nag-cut, ang pangit na pala. May mga kita na pala dun sa side, mali na yung ano. Hindi ko nakita yung screen. And since limited lang naman din yung days namin, siyempre pag-nag-pre-preview ako nasa ulo ko na yung next scene kung papaano gagawin kasi may time limit din. Yung ganun. So hindi ko talaga siya na-enjoy yung pag-direct. Nakuha ko lang yung feeling nung post-production na,” she revealed.

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While working on the film, the 36-year-old actress said it took a toll on her health so much that she had to be hospitalized three times.

“Physically, it’s draining. Na-ospital ako because I kept everything inside. Ayokong bumaba yung energy sa set. So parang lahat ng stress ko nandito lang. So parang halo halo yung feelings. Pagkauwing pagkauwi parang after two days sumakit na yung back ko, sumakit na yung tiyan ko. Ayun na, hospital.

Yung bank account ko hindi nag-recover kasi three times siya nangyari in two times na yun yung nararamdaman ko. At saka everything first time and I think I’m not really magagalitin din eh. It takes a lot to really make me angry. Pero at the same time kasi dahil baby mo siya eh. And you see naman that everyone is taking it seriously naman. But siyempre yung weather conditions, yung mga hindi maiiwasang pangyayari sa set (laughs),” she said.

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In My Amanda, Alessandra plays the title role of a woman who has a lifelong best friend in TJ (Piolo Pascual) and the two friends spend time together through different stages in their life. Because of the film’s purely platonic relationship theme, Alessandra said it was a challenge looking for a director to take on the project.

“I decided to direct it because no one wanted to touch it. Because they found it a little bit unbelievable. I have the closest friendships with men. I call them boys, not men and they treat me like a guy. I treat them like my older brothers. It’s something that I wanted to share with Filipinos also that a guy and a girl can be friends and they can even take alcohol, get drunk, sleep beside each other. I don’t drink by the way but it had to be part of the film.

“Because I don’t want people to always be beside the opposite sex and think that there’s some sexual tension. I want people to treasure friendships and appreciate them as they are and just stop having malice to everyone. That everyone’s there for sex or relationships,” she said.

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Now that the film became available on Netflix starting July 15, Alessandra said she is happy to finally share her passion project with the world after working on it for almost two years.

“It’s a mixture of excitement and embarrassment. Of course it’s your baby and you’re going to put it out there int he world and it’s going to have a life of its own. No matter how people interpret it, that’s your own take and it’s out of my hands now so the rest is up to you,” she adds.